UGames 2010 Mini Night Session Photos

At the UGames last month, Spencer, Sophia, Jon and a few others and I went out for a late night photo session on the Berkeley campus. Here are a handful of the photos.

If anyone would like to get any of the shots as posters, let me know and I’ll have them in my online shop.

I hope no one viewing this thread is still on dial-up, it may take a while to load.

Really cool shots!

Thanks! I’ve got many more from the event as a whole, they will be coming later this week.

Way cool shots as always. I especially liked the one of Jon where he’s smile-shaped, and the one where he’s doing an impression of “Superman coming in for a landing”. :slight_smile:

I’m working my way through my U Games collection, hoping to have a much larger set of photos online soon!

Makes you wish you were there…

Really Great Work Brian. Very appealing to look at your shots! Makes you wish you really were there…:slight_smile:

Really cool.
I like the first one and fifth (scuff coast) the most.

The scuff coast and superman shots of Jon were super difficult to time because I have to use the uni or his leg to block the flash that was directly behind him giving him the rim light. Without it timed and angled just right with Jon blocking the light, all you see is a big flash and hardly any john.

i like the 10th one

Lovely shots, as always.


Very nice Brian. I really like flash-lit pictures like that.