UGames 2010 - Berkley Juggling and Unicycling Variety Show

Saturday night there was a variety show in Berkley. It was a collaboration between Berkley Juggling and NAUCC, so there is both juggling and unicycling in the video:

There are actually 2 events going on that coincided in time and location:
NAUCC UGames from July 10 to 17.
Berkley Juggling and Unicycling festival from July 9 to 11.
This show is the first time the juggling festival included unicycles

The first bit is outside the theatre at Berkley High, where people were messing around with trials and street. The street riders seem to be the ones that appear towards the end of the show.
The show had a great host, except he made the performers laugh and mess up their acts sometimes.
The guy with diablo was California champion and amazing.
The guy with devil sticks was just during intermission where they were raffling off prizes and he demoed them.
The trials / street demo was popular, opening with a leap onto the stage and closing with a 360 off the stage. In between there were lots of flat land and such, but they were conservative compared to what they were practicing outside.
The 12’ giraffe guy fell, attempting to do one foot idle, and broke his uni, so his part was cut short.

The background music track I made myself. At the Apple Store in San Fran they had a course on Garage Band. Although its not great music, I totally own the rights to do whatever I like with it.

thank you for this video. :slight_smile: Was cool.

loved it, was the diabolo guy called chris garcia? I think ive spoken to him before :slight_smile:

Thats right! The full list of names in the show is on this page

My son John and I went, and Chris Garcia’s diablo was our favorite act.

I’m kicking myself that I couldn’t make it this year, and when it was so close to me :frowning:

I believe this is the first time both were held at the same time, but not the first time the BJF had unicycles. I think they are a formal part every year at the BJF (although completely dwarfed by all the other activities the last two years). Last year John Foss, Kaori, and a trials rider had bits in the show.

Oh, you got my 360s on wheel :smiley: They spin faster than they feel to me :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice video, I enjoyed rewatching the variety show.

edit: Also, footage of Cody Williams trying a rolling wrap :astonished:

Thanks for the Kaori video… she’s amazing. And lives in the Berkley area I gather.

Great riding! Good to put some names to the people in the video.
Do you know who did the street part in the show?

Me, Jon Atwell, Eli Brill and Max Schulze. Here’s a clip of our part.