UFO tees!

Hi Everybody!

Tammy and I thought we’d make a little proposition here. We created t-shirts for
our club, Unicycling Freaks Organization (or UFO) awhile back, and quite a few
people around the globe have them. However, we have not quite reached our goal
of world domination, :wink: and we thought we could work on that.

We were thinking if anyone is interested in owning one of these shirts, we could
arrange to bring it to Nationals for you. If you’re not going to Nationals, we
could still work it out. But we are charging $15 per shirt and we are also open
to t-shirt trades. :slight_smile: If you would like one, please write me and tell me what
size and if you’re going to Nationals or not.

The link to look at the design and pictures of real unicyclists wearing them
is: http://MarshT.tripod.com/ufoshirts.html

Thanks! Tanya

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