UDP???? What-the!

Nobody? That statement conflicts with your own observations earlier mentioned in this thread, and maybe just indicates your level of capability of understanding, although I think you are smarter than that.

Besides posting smileys, I don’t see any corrections/substitutes/contributions to your implicated listings which need improvement, nor an apology for your insulting, but in stead once again another negative and useless post.
So if you have nothing better, can you please stop posting? Then the overall quality of information will have a boost (which also will benefit newbees).
To prevent more polution here in R.S.U. I welcome PM’s, if they make sense I wont ignore them.

Is it only in america that UPD is used as a term? I know how you americans love your TLA’s (three letter acronyms). In the UK I havn’t really heard anyone use the term UPD.

It is missing the Ottawa Unicycle Invasion OUI!

OUPS! Just fixed it. Thanks.

Well here in Australia, no one calls it UPD either. They just say. “You stacked it” if you fall off a bike or unicycle etc.