UDP???? What-the!

Forgive my non-hipness to the acronym but I am curious … what the frig is a UDP???

I think you mean UPD. It stands for Un-Planned Dismount. Just a different way of saying you lost control of the Uni, not necessarily a crash.

Thankee … (slap head here)
'preciate the help with that:o

This will answer it. (I asked this question a while ago.

Projectile Dismount from Unicycle.
I had one of these the other day.

You guys all have it wrong. Not only are you using the wrong words, but the order is all mixed up.

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong.


And then there’s LAD–Lame-Ass Dismount.

You may like to check this acronym list.

…that list is messed up.

For example: I’ve only seen the abbreviation “buni” twice, both during a discussion on what you could call it. 36er, 29er, Guni, etc, are all easier, simpler, and more accurate to use.

I do a lot of UDP’s. But I’m still learning.

I think you meant UPD right? or does UDP mean some thing??

undealt pass. You almost pass someone but then have a PDU.

I personally do not like the term UPD. It seems corny and like an excuse. :slight_smile:

I just say that I fell, or didnt make it.

that makes no scene at all

stupid post deleter…

was trying out the super editor That I just enabled :roll_eyes:

Messed up?

  • as the acronym buni was used it’s on that list.
  • 36er 29er are -besides not really an acronym- pretty self-explaining, so do not need a listing.
  • opposit of what you state, “guni” is listed on the list.
  • it’s not a guide on what’s easier, simpler, and more accurate to use to your taste, but nothing more than just a translation table.

So I’m sure the list is incomplete, but as input is always welcome: can you please disclose all of your other implicated examples of where you think it’s currently messed up?

It encourages newbies to use obscure acronyms that nobody can understand;)

I kinda like UDP

A UDP is when you get most of it right , but then the unicycle doesn’t pedal, cranks vertical in the wrong place etc.:slight_smile:

I think it may stand for Under Developed Pedalling. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, but that’s only if you capitalize the second letter.