UDC's Twelve Days of Christmas!

Well. Its Finaly here. I just might order something…


I found the first one…
:wink: http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=897

If you want, Post them…

Until supplies last I presume…


aww just bought one lol :angry: :stuck_out_tongue:

aw just for the US one.

This thing was awesome last year and I’m dissappointed in myself that I didn’t get any of the sales last year. Will probably try to get something this year.

I’ve been looking for a cheap seat, especially since it comes in yellow it will match my newly painted yellow uni :slight_smile:

If anyone in Ottawa is interested in those seats, I would be willing to split shipping with you. I want three.

The 2nd deal

Funny, I was just about to post that link haha.

3 Nimbus hi-top saddles ??

For what ? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hah those were on sale last year for the same price. I guess they have a lot of backstock in them.

just to have, I have two unicycles without saddles right now, and I could pretty easily build up a third, and they are a lot nicer for people learning than the one I have now for my learner.

Well I’m just so quick its ridiculous. Ladies call me the one minute wonder for a reason!

one min wonder… sorry to hear that… haha

Why can’t UDC Oz have 12 days of Christmas specials??? :frowning:

^ Canada too :frowning:

Coz they dont have as big of a customer base as US, so their sales are alot less, resulting in income alot less, so its not viable for them to sell at such low margins.

Because they don’t stock as much crap that people don’t want?

Canadian UDC still has some awesome deals. They have an amazing deal on their Nimbus Bag, something like over 50% off.

What’s a nimbus bag?

a bag for unicyclists that says nimbus on it.

It is a 36" wheel bag.