UDC's New toy (no Spoilers)

Yesterday I went to the Leeds Juggling Convention (UK) and saw Roger from UDC with a new toy.

I don’t want to say what it is but it is very nice having spent a good hour playing with it I want one for myself and it is the best looker I have seen in a long time.

I’m very excited about this new development but I don’t want to spoil the surprise for everyone, Just had to say something though. Loads of nice new toys from UDC coming soon.


Almost considering taking up unicycling again.

:thinking: So what was the point of this thread??? :thinking:

It’s an excuse for more toast.

I am certainly happy though that this new toy does not have spoilers. The last thing we need is big spoilers and other aero effects on unicycles.

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aww i love Spoilers:D lol

If I say please will you PM me it?

Pete did not want it that much… I tried to swap it for his VW van… he did think about it but then said no. :slight_smile:


What brand is the new toy?

no, no, no, it does not work like that. You need to turn up to the events to play with the toys. :stuck_out_tongue:

You do the maths

Now that’s not very nice to call Connie ‘it’, or a toy! (I won’t comment on new-ness, as i don’t want my next delivery to boobytrapped with marmite)

If you mean something more unicycle-related, I’d call it the dog’s b@#*&cks. It’s a shame that it doesn’t go with toast though.

UDC is now in toys in stead of unicycle hardware? So after that Forbes thing they’ve contracted unemployed Chinese kids to sew the fluffy pluche stuffed toy’s? With such a unexpected sudden change in business I can understand why Mike Penton of unicyclemagazine was not able to report about that yet.

It would be a bit further for me, and I still want to know:o

Everyone knows that new toys need testing. UDC don’t just release products untested. Look at the new Nimbus X frame, it was under test with the Twin City club for almost 6 months before it was ready for release. :slight_smile:

What if the toast burnt or was even or the rack would not hold the toast properly?


Huh a unicycle made out of toast?

How does it fit into a toast baker? And how comfy is a toast seat?

No this is the new T7… the Toast 7, it is the development discussed in this thread.

It is a development that got busted, apparently it is the best thing since sliced bread.



So when will the new toy be ready for production and do you need a product tester?

I’m sure people will be very excited when they find out what you have done this time Roger.

I look forward to the toast rack but I knew about that months ago, this you had mentioned might be happening but I was surprised when I saw it and I fell in love.

Besides, I thought you were joking about the camper van. If I had thought you were serious then I might have agreed.

And Whoever is in Guildford and didn’t make the journey to Leeds, I’m definately not telling you, I go to loads of events that are that sort of distance. That’s why I get to play with the new toys.

Roger, If you put it in the post I’ll give the new toy some real testing for you.


Well UDC USA have told people that the toast rack project will be ready after Christmas. Knowing the deliveries etc. I think it will be the end of January. I am not sure if we are getting any to the UK then, it may be Easter. :frowning:

The project you played on with yesterday is due for release in July. Sorry you can not borrow it… it is improving my riding at the moment in leaps and bounds!

Sorry everyone… I will make an announcement about that well before the date as it is a project that people may want to pre-order. :slight_smile:


so you finally got a proto of the geared cranks!!!

kidding yawl

Wow, I wish Roger had shown me that, I’ve tried his shlumpf but I’ve still not seen the geared cranks.

Roger, when the production version of the new toy comes out can I get the old prototype off you to save it cluttering up your place.

I’d love a piece of history like that