UDC's 12 days of Christmas

3for1 but then $30 shipping

Thanks for pointing that out, I needed a few pairs of new pedals. I got 3 and a new Duro so shipping would be worth it


Someone should post the deal of the day everyday.

sweet deal…im keepin an eye out 4 sure!

I hope they have something on sale that I need. That would be nice:)

The cheap way to find the deal of the day is to search, in udcs search bar, “super sale”

1) Such as???
2) Pity they don’t do it on the Oz version of UDC. :frowning:

Well I don’t really need anything but… I want the stuff on this list…

bought some :slight_smile:

Unless they stop putting super sale in the description and call it something else, like rediculously cheap priced.

hmmm, it’s tomorrow and there isn’t anything new.


Aw, wish there were mediums.

is this offer only in america ? :frowning:

Yeah, why aren’t they working on a Sunday? Very lazy!

small only…


It’s a great deal if you can get them to fit.

aw, wish shipping wasnt as much as the gloves.

they haven’t updated it yet this morning

Primo Super Tenderizer

VERY heavy but very cheap:D

You can get them for about the same price if you use the american as here as of the large shipping fees :roll_eyes:

i wish they had the strikers on sale (primo striker pedals)
i would totally buy a pile
i probabaly will still buy some though