UDCA packaging

I’m a little reluctant to post this, but contacting the vendor clearly did not work.

UDC unicycles are great, no doubt about it, but their packaging is not.

I ordered a 29" trainer from UDCA on Feb 28 which arrived Mar 1, but the bottom of the box was falling out because it was not stapled correctly.
(Stuff was actually falling out as the courier carried it in.)

I emailed UDCA to let them know and got this reply from Jen:
Thanks for letting us know; we’ll commence checking the bottom of the boxes prior to dispatch to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

I ordered a hatchet from UDCA on June 13 which arrived June 14, and again the bottom of the box was completely open because it was not stapled correctly.

Fortunately nothing was lost or damaged either time.

Looking on the bright side, I now have a unicycle which cost more than my 4wd. :slight_smile:

Hi wombat my last Uni arrived 6 months ago from UDC and the box was just hanging in there by one staple cant remember if it was the top or bottom.

2017 kh 27.5

My new KH 27.5 arrived June 1 and the packaging was in great shape - no issues at all. I ordered additional parts with it which were packed inside the large box - even had a sticker on it “Additional Parts Inside”.

Likely the gorillas working for the courier and not UDC.

I’ve ordered a couple of unis and other things from UDCA. No problems with packaging and nothing was damaged. I agree that the couriers are probably to blame.

For the skeptics:

You can see the box hasn’t been damaged, the staple has torn out because it didn’t go through the inner flap.

Did you order from outside Canada?

When I got a KH unicycle from UDC CA the box had two yellow straps around the side with the flaps. I suppose US Customs didn’t open it since these straps were still attached. Doesn’t look like there would be any way to reattach them. So, perhaps your box was opened by a customs authority and they didn’t bother taping the box after removing the straps.

Fair enough. That is pretty shoddy.

UDCA Packaging problems

I got a 29" Oracle on 25 of October and when the courier carried it in, the top was completely open and you could see the wheel. He said it was like that when he collected it. Everything was inside. That’s good.:slight_smile:

The staples were put in the box at the factory in Taiwan. The factory meant for it to be enough for the box to survive being in the shipping container until it was delivered to the shop. Once the shop received it and reshipped it to the ultimate consumer they assume responsibly for the packaging which clearly failed. The shipping company is not responsible for the condition of the box, only the contents within, with a clause that says that things must be satisfactorily packed. You say there was no internal damage, so the the carrier is not at fault. UDCA is fully at fault for the packing failure. A piece of tape along the box seam probably would have prevented any packing failure.