A few days ago I ordered a Torker CX wheelset and I called asking if the Nimbus Rounded Crown frame would fit and he said it would. So I ordered the wheelset and the frame and they arrived yesterday and the frame did not fit. So now i need to return the frame and order the Torker CX frame. Which mean just more money to pay for shipping.

Whats that all about?


In personal experience, when asking if part X will work on part Y or if part Z comes with part X’s mounting accessories…hear it from Amy or take what you hear with a cup of salt. I’ve had that happen before and usually its just a matter of a quick answer from the rep. on the phone rather than a researched answer. Some employees will look into things for you when you ask and it will be obvious with a “hold on one second, let me make sure this will work” rather than a “well, yeah, should work”.

hmm but still they should really know that. now i have to go order the Torker CX frame.

It would be nice to know how it doesn’t fit. Clearance to the crown? Bearing spacing?

bearing space. the wheels bearings are too close to the wheel which makes the frame over clear them would that be possible to fix? because the frame fits on the bearing perfect its just that not in length.


The CX uses both a different sized bearing and a narrower hub than most nimbus hardware. I don’t think you’ll be able to make one fit with the other easily as a few friends and I noticed when we took all of our cycles apart for cleaning and truing. Out of curiosity, what are you trying to gain by putting a new frame on a CX?

you can bend the legs of the frame inward a little and not hurt much of anything.

thanks I did that and now its perfect. Thank you.

If anyone else ever has to send stuff back to UDC, if you ask, they’ll give you a shipping tag thing.

why do you want a CX wheelset? is it for you or are you setting up a uni for some one you know?


even then, why would you want a cx wheelset? and why buy it part by part like that? just get a torker lx and be done with it.

I got it built already. So no im not going to get this because its built.

If it’s their fault, as it appears to be, then they should pay shipping for you to return your frame, and to ship you a new frame. I understand UDC US sends you some kindof label to send you parcel back, rather than just giving you the cash like UDC UK does.

Yeah so I ordered a Maxxis CC from UDC on friday morning and I havent got a confirmation e-mail or nothin. I’m pretty sure there supposed to do this but I havent heard back from them yet and its 9 o’clock monday night.

Are you using Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo etc, cause your block filters maybe preventing them from sending you the conformation. :thinking:

Wow its been almost a week and UDC still havent shipped my tire! This is Greeeaat!