UDC Wheelbuilds, KH hubs?

Hey everyone,

How good are the UDC wheelbuilds? I don’t really have the time to build up the wheel from the parts I’m ordering, but if the quality is not good enough I’d rather take a couple hours to do it than spend $35.

Also, I know Nimbus ISIS hubs are slightly heavier than the new KH hubs (about 30-40 grams I think). Based on just the weight difference I’m not willing to spend the extra $30 on the Moment hub, but is there any strength difference that should persuade me to go with KH?

Thanks for any info you can give me.

I’d really god with the KH 09/010 hub (with polished flanges).

Kris solved the problem of benting flanges with that hub… + it’s really lighter. I’d go for it if I were you.

I’ve been very happy with every one of my UDC wheelbuilds.

from Kris’ thread on 2010 products:
“Improved Moment Hub Flanges: The spoke hole diameter has been reduced to 2.5 mm with a 0.5 mm bevel, to better fit 14g spokes.”

That is probably the only difference.

Max, You still riding that 36er? Have you had to replace those bearings yet? Hope it is still awesome!

That’s the upgrade from 2009 to 2010. There’s been a major update from 2008 to 2009.

Thanks, I’m leaning towards the KH hub and now I’m more confident in the wheelbuilds.

That’s cool to know. Hope to se a video from yo in the futur.

Although I primarily read the forums, I must say I’m also satisfied with my UDC wheel builds. I had them build a 26" Nimbus rim with Nimbus hub and a more recent KH 29" rim with Nimbus hub.

The 29, so far, is a great build, but I’ve only had it a couple weeks. The 26 was a good wheel build initially too, but started squeaking after a few months with what I would consider low-stress riding (mainly road). I had to tighten the spokes to a higher tension to stop the squeaking.

No experience with KH hubs on my part.

First off, props to UDC for getting the wheel to me so quickly. Great service, I ordered on 12/27 at night and the wheel arrived less than 72 hours later! Unfortunately they forgot to include the axle bolts and spacers…

One quick question though. The rim has offset spoke holes, and the wheel is built so that the spokes from the left side of the hub connect to the holes offset to the left of the rim and spokes from the right side of the hub connect to the holes offset to the right. They do not cross the “center line” of the hub. I was under the impression that when spokes holes are offset spokes go from left side of hub to right side of rim and visa versa. Hopefully someone can tell me I’m wrong.

Sheldon Brown says: “The spoke holes do not run down the middle of the rim, but are offset alternately from side to side. The holes on the left side of the rim are for spokes that run to the left flange of the hub.” (from: http://sheldonbrown.com/wheelbuild.html)

so it is built right, left side goes to left flange, right side goes to right flange.

You are wrong :slight_smile:

Even on non-offset spokes rim there is a little offset. Left hand holes go with left hub flang, right hand holes go with right hand hub flange :stuck_out_tongue:


Sheldon Brown said: The holes on the left side of the rim are for spokes that run to the left flange of the hub.

Source: http://www.sheldonbrown.com/wheelbuild.html

EDIT 2: Damn Myles beat me.

You are only “mostly” wrong. You may be thinking of a few rims out there that use cross laced spokes. The idea is that it makes for an incredibly rigid wheel. In practice I’m under the impression that it leads to too much stress on the hub flanges, and ultimately failure. I don’t think too many hubs outside of BMX use that kind of lacing though.

Thanks guys, I could be thinking of some BMX wheels since my LBS deals mostly with BMX stuff.

Make sure you post picture of you uni now :slight_smile:

Axle bolts and spacers weren’t included in the shipment:(

Make sure you post a picture of your uni then, than. :stuck_out_tongue: