UDC US Oracle 29 & 36 'in stock'

I was just on UDC US drooling over the two new Oracle Unis, the 29 and 36 and noticed that they are now “in stock”.

Has anyone ordered one yet?

Just ordered the 36er to be my dedicated 36er muni! Got the 165 Moments and KH Street saddle. Should get here the same time as my Walt Works 36" tire. I’ll be putting the Nightrider tire and a Foss tube on my Coker and it will go back to being my road rider.

I really like all the other Oracle colors except for the neon green but it is what it is. Can’t wait!

Agreed on the color. Mentioned in the other thread that it would look better if the green on the rim matched the green elements in/around the hub. Still for every person that hates the color I’m sure there are 3 that love it, personal preferences and all.

I may just have to take a trip down to Wilmington to see it in person. :wink:

UDC is great. Great customer service, great products, but the green on that thing is terrible.

I don’t mind the green for the sheer fact it’s always nicer to have a larger selection of rim colours. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’ll have to come on down! We’ve got 2 great single tracks. 9 miles at Brunswick Nature Park and 6 at Blue Clay Bike Park. Downtown and the Beach are fun as well.


Maybe if it got dirty enough. :slight_smile:

Nice! I almost got another Coker because they offer a dark green powder coat in that same color.

Did you have them change hubs to the chromoly Oregon hub? The stock hub won’t handle muni.

You should go tubeless, the Walk Works tire is plenty durable and it seals up well on the Stealth 2 rim. I drilled my rim for an automotive styled valve, and taped the rim, which works great, but there are bike specific valves that can be ordered which work without drilling. There is a Stans Rim Strip with built in valve, but the fit is poor because the valve is Presta and the rim is Schrader.

Here’s a valve: http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Models.aspx?ModelID=46838&PartnerID=2812&awc=2698_1353361464_a617eac262210de73282abacaac9aec8

What handle are you going to run? I’d recommend one of mine, but I’m all out :wink:
I may make some more in the Spring…

Where in NC do you ride? I’m in TN, we should get together with Munimag (in MD) and do some 36er muni :slight_smile:

I got my 36" Oracle last week. It is a very nice, high quality unicycle. The brake works surprisingly well (you can modulate the brake pressure precisely) and I think the overall quality really shows. The Nimbus black gel saddle is very comfortable.

I do have one complaint, which is actually fairly major. As a 5’7" male and fairly normal in all dimensions, the smallest seat post (200mm) was too long for me to be able to ride the unicycle. I went and lobbed off 2" from the seat post which helped, but I can only comfortably touch the pedals when they are in the 125mm position. I can not lower the seat more because the shaft of the unicycle on the frame itself is too long (seat bottoms out). I know that I will have to hack metal off the frame to be able to use the pedals if they are in the 150mm holes.

If anyone is smaller than I am, I would not recommend this unicycle, even though it rides great unless you are willing to make frame modifications. I know I will have to take off at least 2 inches from the frame for the unicycle to fit me.

Something else that I have noticed is that the spokes are black. I think the black looks nice, but unicycle.com does not sell any black replacement spokes, only stainless steel. I would like to have all of my spokes be black, but I am given no option to do this.

Oregon hub: No I didn’t realize they would do that. The Oracle is chromo as well but obviously a bit smaller. Coker has held up pretty well. I’ll upgrade if I need to. Saves almost half a pound for now.

Tubeless: Thought I would but you talked me out of it in another thread. Again, if the tube fails I likely would, till then I’ll keep it simple and reliable.

Handle: No handle, saves a little weight and I don’t feel it’s necessary for my riding. Also, with UPD’s a bit more dramatic than on pavement it’s one less thing to catch me in the groin or elsewhere. Fell off the other night on a small drop and the unicycle bounced and the saddle went flying inches from my mouth, a handle would have done some damage.

Riding: (PM replied) In the past year I’ve ridden Bent Creek, Pisgah, in Bristol, TN but mostly in Wilmington at Brunswick Nature Park and Blue Clay Bike Park. Pics at my clubs FB page of those 2 trails https://www.facebook.com/james.turner.52459615/posts/420895421309967?comment_id=3649789&ref=notif&notif_t=share_comment#!/CFSORBA?fref=ts

I’m in love with 36er Muni, 95% of my local trails are slow and boring on anything else but it’s fairly flat here. I’d love to get a 36er Muni ride organized.

I’m still not sure if I like the green on the 36". I guess that means that if I purchased one I’d probably be ok with it after a while. :roll_eyes:
My favorite color of the Oracle line is the orange on the 24".

I had been anticipating the relase of the 29 and 36 Oracle, but now I think I’ll probably be getting the 26 instead. My current uni is the 29" Nimbus Drak. Right now it has 125 mm cranks and the very heavy WTB dissent tire on it. I’m attracted to more of the technical, single track style trail riding and it is pretty evident, even with my not so well set up uni (short cranks, heavy tire), that the 29 is just too big for the kind of riding I want to do.

I think once I get the 26 Oracle I’ll get some 100-110 mm cranks for the Drak and put my Schwalbe marathon supreme back on it and have it as a dedicated road uni. That should hold me off till I can afford a 36, but ask me what my plans are a week from now and they’ll probably have changed again:D

The Drak 29er is fine for muni, you just need a lighter and more forgiving tire and longer cranks; 125’s are road cranks. A cheap fix, get a Hans Dampf on sale for $60 and some used KH Moment 165/137 or some even lighter Venture II 165. Then you’ll have the power to crank that big wheel off road; even some 150’s would do you better than 125’s.

You may have to cut the frame, even at 5’7" you are talking about riding a very big wheel. I’m 6’ tall and I have two inches of post showing, so not a lot by any stretch. I have cut frames for smaller riders in the past. If cutting the frame makes you nervous, have a good bike shop do the work, you could easilly take it down and inch or two, just make sure they recut the slot.

I could sell you my 137/165 Moment cranks if you are interested…

Ben, you’re the man, thanks for the tip. I just called and they haven’t shipped it yet and will be able to upgrade the hub! It’s $40 labor for the wheel build and will just take a few extra days. The website says chromo but in fact he double checked and the spindle is aluminum, no good for muni. There likely will be a future muni version of the 36 Oracle available from UDC with the Oregon hub and possible 170 cranks as options.

Like always UDC was fast and very helpful, they are great!

Great, the aluminum spindle would probably have twisted in time. Josh knows what’s up, he’s ridden my 36er, the prototype Oracle 36er has an Oregon hub which is why the pictures show it as being green.

Josh builds a great wheel, so it’ll probably be even better than the factory build.

You are gonna love the new tire, it was a game changer for 36er muni, I doubt I’d ride my 36er off road as much as I do if I still had to ride the Coker Non Skid.

Hopefully the new tire is ready by early December. I think Matt is shipping them from his house, and he lives in NC, so it’ll be quick to you!

I’ve been riding and sliding around on the heavy button tread Coker with stock tube so anything will be an improvement for muni.

Yea, word is I should be receiving the 1st tire of the incoming shipment, as I’m only 2 hours away from him! Hehe:)

has anyone gotten a 29" yet?