UDC UK Warehouse video.

Edd Hawkes has just finished and released the short oneshot video he did when he visited Unicycle.com warehouse in the UK.

That is a fun way of making a tour of the warehouse :smiley:

Lovely video guys :slight_smile:
I especially like the part where guys unicycle out of the door followed by Mr D on his Penny Farthing.

And all that in one shot, blimey :slight_smile:

Clever indeed!

So that’s how they get stuff out so quickly - shame Royal Mail then makes a pig’s ear of it and tries to deliver to next door and leaves them a card when they’re away all week. It’s not like it wasn’t ridiculously clearly addressed. Stevie Wonder could have delivered it!

Edd, has just updated his blog with a behind the scene report and video. Some fun stuff.


Ah ha!
I did wonder about that unicycle box :thinking:

Cheers on the behind the scene stuff.

Me too, I was thinking “I don’t want to be the customer who just bought that 36”!" :smiley:

Yep, I also had concerns about the contents of the boxes getting damaged :astonished:

But I noticed that the boxes weren’t collapsing or even creasing under the pressure of a unicylist being on top of them :wink:

Good to know that the prop boxes only contained wood :stuck_out_tongue:

I am a little worried about that box… it is still in the warehouse cunningly pretending to have a unicycle in it. It will be an interesting conversation when a customer opens his box and finds only a wooden box.


That wood be a surprise :smiley: