UDC UK, Shipping to the US

I’m an American based juggler/unicyclist and am looking for some bounce juggling balls(Mr.Babache Turbo, 63mm) that I can’t get in the US. I noticed that Unicycle.uk.com carries them. Has anyone here has any information about them shipping to the US? The box would probably be about 6 inches(150mm), cubed. I couldn’t imagine it weighing more than 10lbs.


Send them an email, they could easily find out with you. I’ve heard that UDC UK’s international shipping rates are very reasonable.

Also, if you add the item and go to checkout, before you have to pay surely it will tell you shipping price??

Yeah, I sent them an email before I posted that. I was just wondering if anyone here had dealt with that situation before and could offer some insight on it.


juggling equipment

i carry juggling equipment in my juggling equipment store when i don’t ride :sunglasses: the site is www.jugglingequipment.com - the babache bouncers are not there i think, but we should have them in stock (or others as good as…). I live in Israel and shipping rates are reasonable. If you want i can give you a quote. just mail me with the details through the “contact page” on the above mentioned site :slight_smile:

Thanks, Raffi. I sent a message using the contact page. Thanks.