UDC Titan vs nimbus nightfox

So I’m looking for a new uni for christmas and I’m on the shorter side. :confused: being 5’2" I was worried I wouldn’t be able to put a handle bar on my new uni because I was so short. I want the Titan but I don’t know if I’d be too short to put the handle bar on later once I get used to it.

You are the person the Nightfox was made for. A regular 36" can be made to work for almost anyone, but it requires some creativity and work to do it (like cutting down the frame post). And you’re right, touring bars are pretty much out of the picture, unless you are a talented fabricator with an inventive brain.
So go with the Nightfox. All the work has been done.
(Strictly my own opinion, of course. As always, YMMV.)

id definitely look into the nightfox

at 5’2" the average inside leg is 26-28"

With a standard titan take 18 inches from the hub to the top of the wheel and about 6 inches for the frame above the wheel and saddle and you are left with 2-4" for the pedals (far too short to learn on).

Thus to have enough room for 125mm or 150mm cranks you would have to cut the seat tube on the frame and weld the top of a seatpost into the hole (the seatpost may be too short to clamp). After you have done that, if you wanted to change crank length to say go for a muni ride the seat height cannot be changed.

The nightfox allows the saddle height change, gives you a handlebar and also an isis hub with better crank options.

If you did go for a titan, i can see no reason why you would be unable to add a t-bar later on handlebar wise.

I have a 29" inseam if that matters. And if I did end up having to get the nightfox my bike would have to go to help cover the cost of the new uni. Even though I don’t use it as much an I’m not as good on it I’d still hate to see it go. I’ve seen handlebars that attatch to the seat would I be able to get them and eventually add those type of handles or would I have to cut the post down too much?

I am 5’8" and just fit my 36 Oracle using my 150mm cranks (though I usually use my 127mm holes).

I’d go for the nightfox if I could. The cost of adding a handlebar later is about the same as just getting the nightfox and the nightfox is ISIS.