UDC Titan Vs Nightfox

I am interested in getting a 36" unicycle. I am interested in the Nightfox and the UDC Titan. Can anyone tell me why the Nightfox is more expensive and why it might be better?

The night fox is primarily designed for shorter riders. It makes a few compromises in order to achieve that goal. No saddle tilt adjustment, and a lack of ability to swap out parts. That being said, it does have one major upgrade from the Titan. The nightfox has an Isis splined interface for the cranks. This is stronger than the square tapered cranks on the Titan and generally considered standard now. Most frames will fit a 42mm bearing if they run ISIS so you could swap the nightfox frame for an oracle if you wanted down the road. If you’re only doing road though, the Titan will serve you very well. The handlebar is another addition to the nightfox that should not be understated. Most 36er riders I know ride with a handlebar. If you’re first starting out you may not want it. The only downside to the handlebar is that you’re stuck with that one on the nightfox. Not a bad thing if you don’t swap parts. . . Anyway, that’s enough phoneglish for me this morning. Pardon the broken speech. ; )

So you can’t take off the handlebar of the Nightfox?

Yes, you can take the handlebar off.

The UDC Titan has a frame which requires you to alter the seatpost height.
The Nightfox doesn’t require a seat post as the legs are telescopic. Quite a nifty idea :roll_eyes:

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 17.35.00.png

Is there a reason you’re not considering the Coker or the KH 36" (with or without the standard disc brake)?

What are you planning to use this 36" for?

The KH is too expensive

The Qu Ax Lexus is the best deal right now as far as I have found. $364.50 US plus $12 shipping for the ISIS model from Goudurix. I don’t have any Qu Ax unicycles but the only complaints I have heard are that their low end stuff is heavy.


Great site, for unis and juggling clubs.

UDC Titan vs Qu-Ax 36

I’m looking at 36ers in oz the Titan is about 525 + 125 postage the qu-ax 608 including post both basic unis no brakes handles ect but the qu- ax has a Isis hub and alloy cranks what do you think my best option would be . Thanks David

Depends what you want to do with it. I’d recommend sticking with whatever crank type (square taper or ISIS) you already have on your other unis, as it means you can mix and match cranks. If you don’t care so much about compatibility then go ISIS for sure. Note that the Quax cranks don’t have a reputation for standing up to abuse, so if you start doing much offroad riding then they may need replacing with something beefier.

FWIW I tried to save money on my 36er a year or two ago by buying the Nightrider Pro that UDC had on special at the time. $625 with a handlebar but no brake. Within six months I ended up changing the saddle and cranks to KH versions as well as adding a brake. If I was doing it again I would just buy a KH36 and be done with it for nearly the same money. The Nightrider does look nice though.