UDC sticker problems?

Have had my MUni for 2 weeks or so I guess… Been caught out in the rain once and obviously been through some mud…
BOTH of my Nimbus stickers have peeled straight off… Almost as easily as if they were static cling window stickers…
Anyone else have this issue?
Should I bother UDC for 2 new ones?

When I saw your thread title I thought you were having a hard time getting the stickers off of the uni. In the past there were some reviews of Nimbus frames that complained a bit about the Nimbus logo.

I’m sure UDC will send you some new tags for your MUni machine. It is odd that they came off so easily though. Mine have been through all manner of muck and they don’t look like they will come off without a fight.

I wish mine came off that easy, I had to work at it to get them off :slight_smile:

Most riders take them off right away. Better to get them off clean and whole than to struggle getting the last raggedy pieces off after the sun, etc gets to them. Use that WD40.

Just leave that beautiful UDC head badge on.

Didnt come with the udc badge :frowning: wish it had
Plus the site says out of stock

LUCKY I had to fight to get the Nimbus stickers, the UDC stickers, and the headbadge off my unicycles and my 36’er still has the nasty Nimbus logo painted on the frame. I much prefer a logo-less unicycle. If I could I’d remove all the KH logos from my KH too. Unfortunately I have no money for the powder coat jobs I want on my unicycles.