UDC Signature Series cycles

This one Is awesome!

Hey all UDC Canada is not offering a powdercoat service in the way some people are reading or thinking…

Instead these powdercoated unicycles are artistic creative unicycles we are selling. I have called them the Signature series. The series will consist of more then just a powdercoating service – basicly I hope peoples will see them as custom works of art that I create for you. Guess you will just have to hang on to see more…

Below is yesterdays project

Hey Pink

All Things come in Pink - Pink Floyd - Pink Panther - Pink unicycles…

UDC Signature Series


need I say any more… I want one of those UDC stickers now

Where can we find the signature uni’s on your site?

They are a seperate category listed under unicycles – but here is a link

UDC Signature Series

That’s what I’m talking about! If I didn’t had my Custom Blac and Pink KH I would buy this unis!


Thank you much for the link, but are they all going to be hk/nimbus combos?
Why not add koxx parts on, or different variations for different riding.

All KH/nimbus combos - Nah… This is just what I started playing with - I want to do up all kinds. 36" unis, muni, UW, BC wheels, even some starter customized club freestyles.

Koxx parts – at this point no - due to the fact that we don’t sell there products. I have been working with them on that for the last 6 months but we will have to see if they get there stuff together.

I really dig the UDC sticker you have. The first thing I do when I get my unis from UDC USA is peel off the really ugly big stickers on the insides of the frame. However, I would much rather see your simplistic “udc” on my frame or rim. Way to go.

yeah, it’s so much cooler. I normally hate stickers but that is nice!

Hey thanks; actually this is not a sticker - it takes time but it is painted into the rim. I have a friend helping to develope some new stickers that could be added to cycles. Some thing more grunge and strong looking. But were still working on it.

Wow. those are some nice looking unis.
I like the photos too, much better than the standard side shot of a unicycle.
Keep the unique-cycles coming.

Aw darn, I was hoping it was a sticker so I could actually purchase it. But if you’re putting them on all your custom builds, i suppose it would be good for it to indicate a “limited” edition. Now i’m looking forward to these stickers you speak of! I also need some cool T-shirts :slight_smile:

That sounds very cool. I actually called in to UDC USA, looking to see if i could get a template or blueprints on how to create a unicycle hub from a good bmx hub. Why dont you look at danscomp and see their selection of rims, pedals, and hubs. Try to inivate more, try making real street bmx unicycles.

Check this combo out im building:

http://www.danscomp.com/465237.php?cat=PARTS Pedals
http://www.danscomp.com/422019.php?cat=PARTS Rim
http://www.danscomp.com/474071.php?cat=PARTS Post clamp
http://www.danscomp.com/435041.php?cat=PARTS Spoke
http://www.danscomp.com/444165.php?cat=PARTS Tire
http://renegadejuggling.com/Web_store/Html/Images/koxx/koxxparts/SaddleRB.jpg Seat
http://www.unicycle.uk.com/shop/shopdisplayproduct.asp?catalogid=671 Hub and cranks
http://www.unicycle.uk.com/shop/shopdisplayproduct.asp?catalogid=672 Frame

THE best street unicycle. :slight_smile:

What do you think?

GREAT just don’t like the rounded frame… first there ugly and 2nd they are totally useless… but sexy looking uni please make a post once its all together.:slight_smile:

SHAY_CAM, that was looking like a cool set up until I opened the frame link… rounded frames are useless. Go for a KH or the nimbus trials frame (the one with machined bearing housings).

Acctualy, rounded frames are good! If you’re riding pure street and don’t do tricks using the crown, you can save weight and stop hitting your knees…

Those whole setup should cost around 400. I have some of the parts already.

I have an extra seat post (who doesnt)
I have the ruben (but ill need to get a newer one)
I have a kh seat, so i think that will do just fine.

Ok guys many different people like many different things - that is why there are so many choices out there. Thanks for the suggestion on the cycle, at present we can’t get those parts you are talking about using.

I looked at your set up and I understand the concept you are going for - too bad the round frame you are looking at does not quite match the 42mm bearing size very well. Depending on the batch of frames processed will determine if it will fit. The new batches of round frames have tighter bearing caps, but the only way to know is to try it out. No guarantee since the product was not made to work that way. Some say it can work some say no it wears out the bearing faster.

Now I am getting back to working and showing the concept of the signature series.