UDC Signature Series cycles

Ok here is my first customized cycle - I know it is a mix of KH & Nimbus parts. I powdercoated it my self and really enjoyed making this one.

We made two of them and plan to make other designs…

UDC Canada

Very nice uni. what other colours are you planning on?

thats cool, other than the Nimbus sticker down the side. It ruins an awesome uni :frowning:

dont worry thats being delt with :wink:

Cooooool! :sunglasses:
Any hints on what it’s like? :wink:

another custom uni

I was just finishing putting another custom numbus on line and it sold allready but here it is the pictures.

Many things green are nice: peas, broccoli, limes, peppers, apples and this unicycle…

UDC doing things the obvious way…

yeah, what’s that on the rim? Yet again looks cool!

Now your post is perfect :smiley:

The uni looks cool :sunglasses: … All UDC’s should offer powder coating services! If I could buy powder coated for some extra money I would…

Keep posting your cool unis!

PS: Do something with Fluo Pink :stuck_out_tongue:

Broccoli isn’t that bad, any way it’s good for you, just like unicycling!

Broccoli is the JAM.

The first looks pretty sick!
The other one is just meh.

Jam is great stuff, but it’s red, not green. Well strawberry jam is :smiley:

On the Rim I put part of a logo udc Canada has developed- It is just small

thats cool, much better than the nimbus one, If you had that in blue on the top unicycle it would be a beast!

Our Signature unicycles can be bought by anyone - in fact I have shipped a unicycle to Israel. At this point I have decided to just create small runs (5 at a time is better for me) of cutomized unicycles, they hopefully be more of a artistic creative thing for me. Since they are not super profitable considering the time to paint and build them up.

Down the road I see making the really successful designs mass produced and more available to the public.

Custom orders are some thing I have thought about and hesitated about. Basicly it can sure be hard to create a custom paint job over the net, and make sure the customer gets the exact color they in vission in their head. So I prefer to create ideas I like and let people choose if they want them. But if you got an idea and I figure I can help you out, I will.

This is just the beginning you will be surprised what is going on in my head…

They look great Pete

I especially like the first one

Keep it up, I will be a customer some day.

hey i want to buy one. i will be able to order it within a week or so. pm me to tell me info

UDC Germany is also able to powder coating now.
We will show more soon in our web shop …

UDC UK also offers a powder coating service.

http://www.mad-manufacture.de/?page=5 our custom unicycles