UDC sent dinged part

I recently put in an order for parts of my new coker. When I unwrapped my UDC wide hub it had dings on it the paint was chipped in several places. this kind of ruins the effect of the new uni gleefulness. a new uni doesnt have dings… its all perfect…hmmmm
has anyone else had these problems?

My first Sem Longneck frame (before I returned it and got a non-dented and non-bent one) had a big dent on the side of it. I’ve got a pic in another thread, but I’m too lazy to find it.

So before bitching about it publicly on this board, did you contact them to see what could be done about it? Sure it should have been perfect without a call, but if I am unhappy with someone, they find out from me first, not a public forum.

I just got a new UDC Super-Wide Hub on Monday. It has a few scratches and chips in the paint. Nothing big. Just cosmetic. No big deal. I have some black automobile (or bike) touchup paint that I can touch up the scratches before the wheel is built. The touchup would be mostly to keep it from starting to rust or have more paint chip off from the same spots. I wouldn’t notice the chips or scratches unless I really looking for them.

The hubs probably got piled all in a box at the factory then shipped to UDC. The probably didn’t get individually wrapped by the factory so they banged against each other in the box during shipping. Not a big deal really. Maybe the next batch will get nicer treatment when packaged for shipping at the factory. Not a big deal since it’s just minor cosmetic issues. The hub was shipped to me from UDC with plenty of packing material so it wasn’t damaged getting shipped to me.

If it’s gotten banged around enough so that it is physically damaged (like a bent flange or something) then it’s a problem.

udc sticker surprise

i bought dm vortex .
there are two sticker and they are coming off a little.
so i peel them off,there are two scraches.one below one sticker,
one below one sticker.
i am a japanes. i thought it is usuall ,it is on the cultural difference,
it is not usuall ,is it?

im not bitching about it. I was just curious if it happened to anyone else. Im not sending the hub back because i dont care enough to have to wait another 5 days. Im not saying that its UDC’s fault either. Im just a bit of a perfectionist in it bugged me thats all. no need to jump down my throut.