UDC Restocked!!!

Hey, I was just wondering about two main things about some different products on UDC.

  1. Why is the Onza trials uni so much more expensive than the Qu-Ax? The only reasons I came up with are because the only components in the Onza are made by Onza (seat, tire, hub), and it says it’s supposed to be lighter… how much lighter anyway?

  2. Why is the Nimbus impossible wheel less expensive than the Yuni one? I have no idea what makes one BC better than the other, so…

I’m interested in purchasing a trials uni and/or a BC, so I’d really like to know which specific one, if any, is worth the money.


Get the nimbus. The plates hang lower. The yuni’s are way up there. I had some nimbus plates and for starting out on bc they are great. Mine bent when I rode off our roof. (No I did not land it)

Oh and by how high up the yuni’s plates are they look like the bottom hole of the nimbus plates.

What about the Qu-Ax and Onza? Big difference?

No clue exaept the onza is a wee bit lighter.