udc qu-ax trials

does anyone know whats going on with the qu-ax trials splined uni? UDC took it off their website. Is it out of stock, or whats going on with it?

I was just on there and saw it

I only see the QU-ax cross unicycle on there. The best thing to do would be call unicycle.com at 1800-UNICYCLE and ask. They are very nice most of the time.

Where is “center valley, pa” I am in Centre County, PA. State College. Anywhere close?

the qu ax cross county is the only one i saw too. im sorry i miss read the first post

It is on the UK site though, that probably means that it’s just out of stock in the US.

This is just my guess, but it might be that they are making the switch to the 2006 ISIS splined Qu-ax’s, but…I didn’t thnk those were coming out this soon.

Edit: Nahh, I know they aren’t coming out this soon. So that’s probablly not it…

Huh, thats interesting, I havn’t read anything above their move to ISIS. Is there anything else you can tell us about the new Qu-ax’s?