UDC product descriptions confusing me

Basically, I want to buy a new frame for 2006 20" Qu-ax trials uni, and don’t want to fork out the money for a KH frame. I decided the Nimbus 2 will be fine for me, buuut…

This one says it will fit an ISIS wheelset down in the specs…

And this one, the same brand and model, has no real specs, but says it is made for ISIS hubs…

I have to wonder if the colored set will work with a non-ISIS hub, cause I really want a tacky colored frame.

Thoughts? Advice? :thinking:

The colored one will work fine, you might have to shim it, but you can just cut a coke can for that. Nothing big, I rode a frame like that for a while, worked just fine.

Man I believe that both are the same frame, only poweder coated. If not, probably it will fit a non isis wheelset if the distance between the bearings is the same as a KH Hub (100mm), and the bearing is 42mm.

I can’t see why the frame would not fit your wheelset if your setup have the same sizes as an ISIS!

He’s not sure since he has an old qu-ax hub. It’ll work. I think qu-ax has 42mm, even older ones. Still, you can use some pop cans or an old inner tube, both work fine. I rode a unicycle like that for months.


That’s my hub, so yeah the bearings are fine. Just not sure on the distance between them.

I guess I’ll take my chances, the Nimbus frames are at least nice and cheap. I think the bright green will go well with the black and yellow color scheme.


Yeah your hub will work fine!