UDC Penny Farthing Reviews? Pics? ect.

Hey fellow Uni/ Penny riders,

I cant find much so apologies if there are threads about this.

Is there any Penny reviews or galleries of the UDC Penny’s???



If not please post below. When mine arrives soon i will do a full review as i can compare to others in the National Penny Farthing Events in the coming months in Evandale, Tasmania. If your going to be there be sure to let me know too!

Best regards, Darren

UDC penny prototype

Hi Darren,

There was a thread a while back about general penny stuff, in there was a post about my 54" UDC Penny.


This bike was one of three prototypes that roger made before the production run. I still ride it weekly, and haven’t had any issues in the 2 years I’ve had it. On the new production models there are a few design features different to my prototype, and I believe the workmanship (weld cleanliness especially) of the new Taiwan made stuff is much nicer than the prototype I purchased.

All that aside, I still love my UDC penny. They are a very light modern penny compared with an original bike, and you have the advantage of an ISIS axle, meaning your crank choice is much greater.

What size wheel did you go for?



Hi Dmac,

I have an 50" MkII just completed and i will post images and a review shortly.
Kits have only recently been made available here at UDC Australia.

I looked so many times for setup info and even how to check the tyres are correct on the rims. Rodger was a great help and there is many ways to setup riding position with the front fork angle and seat positioning i found out.

Just quickly the welds are quite neat on this one. They appear ground back not a pure weld. Isis yes which will be handy. Although i am told by an professional custom penny builder here the main things he would have liked to see better in the UDC penny is the crank axle wider for more stability and strength.

I have ridden mine once for a short while. It seems smooth and not as fast as i expected which i think is a good thing.
Thanks for the link and heads up. I hear a new model is coming soon slight changes. I hope they have moved the rear wheel forward more under the front wheel. Maybe you will look to upgrade??
I will post a full review in the coming week hopefully.

Not many pics out there in Google Land i can find of UDC Penny’s sadly…

Here’s my Beast, next to my step-uncle-inlaw’s penny. He got it from UDC, but that’s all I can really tell you. I rode once around the block and fell off! My scabs are now scars :stuck_out_tongue:

Its my love!


The Black beautifull!

Hi Juni sorry to here about your Scar’s. It was always believed the more scars the Better the Penny Rider i think i read somewhere…

Irad… Yes you have a Beautiful Penny. they look like Velocity rims but certainly not a UDC Penny. Where is your Penny from.
So far (see a few now) its possibly one of the best setups and nicest looks specimens i have seen. Hope its ridden often.

Review soon. I did a 60Km ride on the weekend and have so much to report. UDC Pennys i give the thumbs up. They are nice smooth and pleasure to ride. Hence my first ride i did over 60km!

Dear Muni - Tasmania is a very long way to yo`re place!

This High - Weeler is from Mesicek there is more Picture of my bike.

He is the best High - Weeler Producer in the whole world!

Everthing is coustom build is a 54 Zoll high and everthing is just perferct.

The tire is full (no air) bone Shaker…

Is possible to get a Speed of 25 - 30 km/h put is more fun to relax and take it easy.

Best wishes from Switzerland



:astonished: Pennyfarthing Crash: http://youtu.be/BuPJoA9gIro :astonished:

Boneshaker tire?
Here’s that infamous boneshaker video.

Thanks Irad, Mesicek do certainly make very VERY nice High Wheel bikes. I may get some ideas from there bike for when i get my custom made here in AUS.
Our best builder here is most probably Dan. He only makes hand make custom bikes to order and tailors them to suit the riders.



yes that penny farthing crash vid has been about a while. im yet to coast a hill like that guy and i am sure if a tire is not fitted correct or faulty or very old this would happen. This guys tire came off the rim causing the dismount.

Also the penny is a little odd. The rear wheel is quite large compared to most. Credability to you builder and tyre fitted is very concerning.

I have an charity bike race this weekend they have allowed my penny to enter but do not allow Unicycles?! so weird.

If its not a wet road i will give the short 20km return stage my all on the near stock UDC 50" Penny.
Its so ride to ride and climbs very well. Head winds im not liking too much lol

I am ever impressed by you guys riding it, fall or no fall. ESPECAILLY the guys with big enough balls to go freewheel down hills.

Sad for me,
Im sure my short legs wont even reach!:smiley:

we choose which hills to free wheel very wisely. Wise as we can anyway

Sorry about the delay in my review. Its still coming i havent forgotten. Once i can sort out my phone getting images to the computer i will piece together a full breakdown of my points of views with these wonderful bikes.

Here is my lightly modified UDC in its final stage of modifications. All ready for the Evandale Championships soon! Cant wait


Some interesting mods on there. So are the back pegs a new design, or have you modified them from the normal UDC style?

Have fun at evandale, I don’t live in oz anymore, but one day I’ll be back for evandale. :slight_smile: