UDC out of stock!

So I finally broke down and ordered a Qu-ax trials last week. I was planning on just converting my torker DX into a trials, but decided the $$$ was more worth it to just get a whole new uni. The quax was “out of stock untill mid august”, but seeing how it IS almost mid august, I didnt think the wait would be too long.

Then I checked unicycle.com again today, I dunno why, just bored, and, :astonished: , the Qu-ax is now out of stock untill mid-september!!! Sigh. That sucks…:frowning:

Yep, that’s no surprise to me! They seem to do this all the time. In June they said the Qu-ax trials would be in stock mid-July. I would put money on it that they’ll bump it back again. Screw UDC! :angry: :angry: :angry:

yeah, they’re no good at saying when they’ll be in stock. check out the miyata saddles, for a couple years now, they’ve kept changing the date when they’ll finally get them in, and I’ve been waiting for like forever and a half!! grrr.

try Bedford.

and e-mail unicycledotcom.

Yeah no more Miyata saddles. Also the Onza is out of stock. Im just glad i got one before they were out of stock.

Yeah man that really mad me really mad. I was going to get the Qu-Ax outta stock. I was sooo close to get the Onza outta stock. So I ended up getting the Nimbus Trials ( I did save me some money though.

Re: UDC out of stock!

Too bad you weren’t following this thread. Here

Could have been a win/win/win situation.

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It looks like WWUunicycler is really unhappy with Municycle.com and Unicycle.com, mostly for reasons beyond those vendors’ control. For best results he should go get the unicycles himself, to get a better understanding of the process of someone else shipping things to you.

Unicycle.com posts expected dates for arrivial of products, presumably based on information they get from their suppliers. Unfortunately they cannot control their suppliers’ ability to be accurate.

Using Miyata seats as an example, the problem goes all the way back to the earliest days when people sought out those superior seats. Miyata would only ship them over once or twice a year, regardless of how many orders were piling up for American vendors. And those ship dates were never exact. Waiting 6 months or more for a new seat has been old news with Miyata. The only times this wasn’t true was when vendors like Tom Miller, or later Unicycle.com, made huge orders of them that would last longer than normal.

So to recap. When a vendor is out of stock on something and lists a date for when it will be back in stock, this means they have already ordered it. The listed date should be based on the information they were given about when the shipment should arrive. They can no more speed up this process than we can speed up the arrival of a new pair of shoes from Korea. We’re not the ones making the shoes!

I was getting annoyed at them for the same reason, so I emailed them for some clarification.

They promptly (and they seem to be excellent at promptly responding to emails) responded:

So there you have it; they keep on selling out before they get their new shipment in. If you want one you might as well order now and get on the waiting list, then sit back and wait.

I emailed them this a couple hours ago:

I got this reply:

Looks like I got upset over nothing.:slight_smile: (I sure hope so)

They are very prompt in answering, I got an answer within an hour.

oh good, at least this story has a happy ending (: (: (:

Yep. Cant wait!

Now that I have this thread…

Will the Torkr DX cranks fit on the QuAx? They’re both ten spline. I would probally rather have 125 mm cranks than the quax’es 145 for street stuff.

Though we are impassioned about unicycles and often impatient in getting the equipment that we desire it is important for our own mental health to remember that this is still a very esoteric adventure. The retail pipeline is quite long , rapidly changing, very hard to predict, and involves projecting retail demands, manufacturer abilities, and possible transportation snafus. I consider myself to be one of the least patient people I know but I certainly do not blame UDC for my frustration. Actually, I feel quite the opposite. I acknowledge UDC and Bedford for being the providers of what I desire. If one doesn’t like what they are doing and you think that you can do a better job you need to create a business model and launch your idea. Good luck! I love unicycles and dealing with unicyclists but even I would not pull down on myself and my family the business and logistic challenges that are on UDC and Bedford each day. I write this as I impatiently await a KH 29” frame that I’ve been waiting for since February.


WHAT?! You’ve got to be kidding me!!!

But you’re not. I wish you were.


have you e-mailed them to inquire about it?

Right on, Tommy, and quadruple that for custom work.

quintuple that for shipping errors.

I’m not bent out of shape about waiting for the KH 29 frame. Eager, yes. Impatient, yes again. Too, however, I understand that the first run of these were as whole unicycles. My only regret was that I didn’t buy a whole KH 29 and part it out. I am sure that I have ordered each non-frame component with possible exception being the spokes.


looks like more have arrived.

Qu-ax unicycles

Yeah, but thats the 24" and the cheap-o non-splined trials. Looks like the splined trials is still out.

Anyway, I got a UPS shipping conformation/tracking number email today, so mines on its way!

Screw it buy the onza