UDC Monthly Drawing Winner

Hey guys,
Wanted to thank everyone who filled out our customer satisfaction survey. We’ve received tons of great feedback. Your suggestions and comments have enabled us to really take a fresh look at many new areas we can improve on, and allowed us insight into what you feel like we’re doing well. Thank you!

As an incentive for filling out our survey we will be giving away free product(s) to one person per month. The winner for the month of May is James Fortney of Canonsburg, PA. Congratulations, James!

Future winners will be posted in this forum. If you’ve ordered or called in recently, we’d love to hear feedback on your ordering/call-in experience. The survey can be found here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=yuxCd4EBsv6OjzDTwFxA6g_3d_3d

I JUST NOW opened up my box from UDC. I ordered online and didn’t really use any customer service, but I took the survey anyway.

Package came quick, everything was great.
No UDC sticker though…:slight_smile:

Do they do this with UDC Uk?

Not that we know of.

Who will the future winners be?

June Winner!!!

Paula Shappy of Greenfield Center, NY is the month of June winner. Congratulations!!!

what did she get?

Congrats to Paula!!!

Free Banjo.com stickers!

she received a uni sticker pack, unicycle mag, and a video. :slight_smile:

how many times can we fill out the survey?

also, how much survey entries do you normally get?

you can fill out the survey once per month so long as you’ve ordered, called in, or emailed that month. or if you’ve called, emailed, or ordered multiple times we’re perfectly happy to hear feedback for each time you’ve spoken with us. we’re looking to give back to those who are willing to offer critical feedback we might not hear on a daily basis. that’s the whole point of this thing. there’s only one way to grow, and that’s with your help! if we can be better, or do better, we want to hear it!..we also appreciate the positive feedback that helps us stay the course and encourages our employees to keep up the hard work. your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Winner For July 2008

The winner for this month is Charles Demilner of Flagstaff, AZ. Congrats!!!

August Winner!

Eric Johnson of Billeric, MA is our August winner! Eric is new to unicycling, and gave us valuable feedback on how we can work better with new rider, and new rider needs.

Thanks and congratulations Eric!

I need to get in contact with Eric and recruit him for the Massachusetts Mountain Uni group! Eric, if you are reading this contact Jeff (mountainuni at comcast dot net) and ask to be added to our mailing list! We’ve got people of all skill levels, we are just trying to organize all the riders in MA and the rest of the New England.