UDC Max Traction

I am thinking of buying the UDC Max Traction, does anyone have a picture
of it with the 28" NIMBUS II frame, and I wonder wich seat I should buy,
I was thinking about the KH Velo, but have heard some compliants about
it lately

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Re: UDC Max Traction

Thanks, I thought a 28" Frame was even bigger, It looks nice, then I will
probably go with the 28" instead of the 24". If I want to I can change to a
26" wheel later, can’t I?

heres another

now with a velo

Nice munis guys! Those tyre look great…how do they perform?


It’s hard to comment on performance for me because I’m quite new to muni. The only problem that I’ve had so far is being quite short I keep hitting my knee on the angled parts of the frame !!!


Re: UDC Max Traction

I wondered if anyone had any good tips about which seat to pick

On reflection, and when the present one needs changing, I’d have gone for something with a handle. The viscount bumper comes loose all the time.


Re: UDC Max Traction

Is it possible to fit a 28" wheel in the 28" frame?

the tyre is great, its grippy in all conditions, mud, or hardpack, rocks, or loose leaves. When its pumped up a little more, its fine on roads, hardly a noticeable difference , not much extra effort needed. There is a little lip though, which sits outside the rim, i find this has to be seated correctly otherwise it deforms the shape of the tyre (as if the rim is bent). When this is in though, the tyre performs great. Take a little air out and it has plenty of spring in it for trials.

Seat wise, i originally borrowed a friends viscount, but the grip for holding the seat isnt too good thanks to screw postion on the bumpers. I then borrowed the seat thats on there, dont know the make, but it was just a stell base, no bumpers, so no screws to get in the way. Originally it was awful, and chafed immensely, but once the stock foam was taken out and replaced with an inner tube, it was better, still chafes after a while though. After riding a friends velo, found it was much more comfier (sp), and that the handle was very good. I have since splashed out on said velo, and it is ready and waiting for a test ride, just as soon as the rain stops.

Re: Bigger wheel.

I’m not quite sure, but I’m sure someone on here is able to tell us.

I was thinking that if it does, a bigger wheel for road use would be real easy to change for commuting and save a rake of money getting a complete new uni…!!!


As far as seats go, the viscount is a good durable seat except for the bumpers (which are fixed by bolting rather than screwing them on), but doesn’t have a handle so isn’t very good for muni. If you can get a seatpost mount handle fitted then it might be okay.

The miyata used to be a nice seat, but on the new ones the handles break really easily and the base flexes. Also if you break the seatpost, you can’t get a new post in the UK, so if your seatpost goes (which doesn’t seem to be too uncommon) it’s bye bye expensive seat.

The KH seat is a lovely seat for riding on, but seems to be pretty badly made, particularly the fixing bolts, which lots of people seem to be having problems with. Mine took only about 8 hours of riding before loosening right off.

There’s one other option, but it’s really expensive and involves lots of hassle in the UK because UK unicycle.com doesn’t build seats, which is to buy a cf base, kinport handles, a roach/gemcrest seat cover, four bolts for the seatpost attachment, bolts for the handle, some foam (optional) and an inner tube and build a carbon fiber airseat. Anyone doing this I’d advise you to make it with the standard seatpost fitting rather than the miyata fitting because you’ll be able to buy seatposts for it. You’re probably talking £100 just for a seat & having to cut foam and drill out the base yourself with this option though.

So basically you’re stuck with seats, whatever you order is going to be a bit rubbish at the moment unless you pay a fortune and spend a lot of time building up an airseat.

You can put a 28" or 26" wheel in the 28 frame fine. If it’s a nimbus frame not a nimbus II you can only run the smaller 29" tyres in it, the nimbus II fits great big 29" tyres.


A lot of the cheap seats that used to be standard on 20" uni’s make a good alternative to viscount seats- the covers are held on by bolts rather than glued so it’s easy to take the foam out and replace with an inner tube.
Obviously there’s no handle, but as a cheaper and better alternative to a viscount they’re good.

Re: UDC Max Traction

spider wrote:
> I was thinking that if it does, a bigger wheel for road use would be
> real easy to change for commuting and save a rake of money getting a
> complete new uni…!!!

Yup, I got a 28" Nimbus 2 frame for my Max Traction specifically so that
I could build a 29" wheel for it at a later date. Now is that later date
and it fits fine. Of course, I’ll probably end up buying a separate
frame and seat for it sometime soon but this way I haven’t bought a
another unicycle - just a new wheel and then a new frame. :wink:


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