UDC marwi spokes and Nimbus rim

are the marwi spokes good? will UDC give me the right length? has anyone had any problems with them sending you the wrong length? im putting the between the KH moment hub and a Nimbus rim? should i uprgrade to a alex rim? are the nimbus ones good? ok sorry for all the questions but i didnt want to post another thread for rims

I’ve only ordered spokes from UDC once, but they sent me the wrong length. They seemed quite surprised, though, so I don’t think it happens often. The marwi spokes seemed to fit in the hub really well (the J-bend part) but I haven’t tried many brands of spokes.

And I think anyone would suggest that if you have the money, go for the alex rim, as many people use it and say good things about it.

I am not sure if “upgrading” is the right term for swapping for the Alex. It is a different rim. They do have a good reputation and are very good but so does the old KH (the one without the groove) and it is also very good, the Nimbus is the same rim as it just without the KH logo. So it is just a different rim.

When ordering spokes be sure you know what you want. Use the spoke calculator and be sure to tell them when you are ordering what it is for as well so they can check. It is a pain building with the wrong spokes.