UDC Likes to Recycle...

I got this box in the mail about a week ago…

…but was extremely disappointed to find nothing but a seatpost and a couple of bumper stickers inside.

Has anyone recieved my shortbread cookies by mistake?

hahaha :slight_smile:

Credit to Brian O. for the clever title…

Nope. Sorry but I seem to be missing alot of americhicken. I always get lame stuff like pedals and seats :frowning:

mmmmmmm, shortbread cookies!


They used one of those same boxes to ship my seatpost a few weeks ago.

same for my KH leg armor

^^^^ to my post!

Gahhh!!! That was my 1000th post and I just passed the edit time! Damn it!

The receptionist at my wife’s old apartment complex put my new cranks in the freezer until I came to pick them up because the box said “Sausage patties, Keep refrigerated”.



…wait are you serious? :smiley:

yeah, quite serious. I remember I asked her if she thought about the fact that it came warm off the UPS truck, and she said dismissively, “I don’t know, I was just following directions.”

ahahah that rocks! LOL

that has to be the funniest thing I’ve seen all day
and its not a bad idea delivering in recycled boxes
adds a novelty value no?