UDC is not replying to my emails and they sent me wrong saddle -.-

Unicycle.com is not replying to my email and It has been awhile. They sent me a freeride saddle rather than a street saddle so I sent them an email about that issue. Why are they not replying? -.- it’s annoying me.

Call them… they have a phone number…

or just mail it back to them with a note explaining you wanted the other saddle

cough quality control cough

what is “a while”? They get a lot of email. Emails unfortunately are pretty easy to get lost in the mix too.

I agree, just call them : ) don’t get frustrated, they’re a nice group of people.
They’ll set things straight.

I have also had problems with trying to e-mail them but things got straitened up real fast once I started using a phone instead.

I’m going with call them as well. I’m sure they would be happy to help you with your problem.

Keeping up with emails is hard. The UK gets between 20 and 100 legimate emails a day, of this we try to keep up with and give replies within a day. This is amoung rather a lot of junk mails… We have very good mail filters and only get about 3 junk mails for every legitimate email. We turned off the junk filters a few years back and got over 42,000 emails in a 24 hour period!

Answering mail when other things are going on is even harder, for instance we have 3 people ill at the moment (including one in hospital!). So please be patient with your emails.

Here are some tips for getting quick accurate replies:

  1. Pick an appropriate subject header, just putting “shopping cart order” is not much good, something like “Saddle order 12345” would be better.
  2. Email from the email address that you used for placing your order.
  3. Use your full real name (searching on first names is not easy!)
  4. Give the online reference number and the invoice number in the first paragraph. (if you can send a copy of the invoice in the reply)
  5. As your questions concisely and politely, remember we are human as well. We can get offended and upset if you write abusively to us and are less likely to want to help deal with the problem quickly. We all make mistakes and want correct them as quickly and easily as possible. You are our customers and our future.
  6. Be aware that in the late afternoons we will be packing for dispatches and are unlikely to reply emails.
  7. Try not to ask for multiple shipping quotes in a single email with combinations of parts. These need assembling, sizing (packing), weighing and then often a trip out to the post room to get the accurate shipping quote. The information on availability is often already on the site and we can give a ballpark figure relatively quickly - we have been known to spend all day dealing with shipping quotations for a single customer!

I will add a little about telephoning:

  1. If you are talking to us we are not processing orders so use it as secondary to using the website or email.
  2. Be precise in your questions
  3. The polite thing goes here as well :slight_smile:
  4. Don’t call late afternoon and expect to just chat… (I may give you a lesson on how to be rude to customers :wink: )



yes just call its a 800 number as well,they helped me many times

UDC which? There are a few of them about the world.

Definitely take a gripe like this PUBLIC immediately. We are forum members and we know EXACTLY what the problem is. Don’t try to sort it out with the vendor…that’s irrational. Post lots of complaints about them on an internet forum and NAME NAMES for god’s sake.

Please, follow Roger’s wise advice regardless of where the UDC vendor is located.

Actually I meant the advice for any shop, not just UDC.

but while I am on, I will take your advice and air my grievances…

That UDC are so out of order! I said one word out of place at 3.31pm and Rachael took my head off! One minute earlier and it would have been ok… but i was disturbing her, she needed to get the orders out… Ahhhh!

:- )


Hi Brandon,
What email address are you using. I am Mal from UDCA email :info@unicycle.au.com and I haven’t recieved your emails but we are now on the case.


Hello Mal.

Lisa just rang me then and said that unicycle.com has recieved no email from me because I must of sent it to the wrong email address. She told me to send the saddle back to you. I had trouble writing the address because I had the phone in in my right hand and pen in my left hand (bad hand) so I am not sure if i have the address correct. I have "Cocling road, Moorabbin, 11136 (?) I may have to give you another call to get it right.

Sorry for all inconvenience.