UDC is awesome

So last Saturday, I went on my first commute with the 36er. Made it to work, and was a about 100 yards from my house on the way home, when I noticed my handle bar drooping slowly. Got off and looked, and noticed a crack in my Shadow Base.

Sent some pics to UDC, and kind of wrote it off when they didn’t reply on Tuesday. I figured I’d end up needing to buy a new one.

Well, I got a call from Josh yesterday saying that they were sending me out a new base today. I missed his call, but called back to thank him for everything and what a great guy to talk to! Genuinely nice, and very informative.

UDC is good people.

I agree, when my n26 frame cracked out of warranty they repaced it

It’s kind of sickening that having a faulty product replaced is surprising these days - just another reflection on how crap most companies are.

On a lighter note; UDCUK have always been super helpful even when I’ve pestered them repeatedly on their livechat.

When I bought my 29er last month, UDCUK didn’t have it in stock (despite the website saying it did) I got a phone call and even though it was bad news, it was a really pleasant conversation, and he kept apologising and saying how much he’s tried to get a uni to me ASAP :stuck_out_tongue: What a guy! I felt genuinely bad when I went to another place to buy the Uni because I was determined to stick to my budget, but I’ll still go back to UDCUK for parts/spares/future uni’s :slight_smile:

Indeed. At my work, we try to do a good job with our warranties. But if something is out of warranty, then it’s out of warranty.

Per UDC’s site, my bar was ‘technically’ out of warranty but UDC is still making it right. IMO, that’s going above and beyond, and for that I’m grateful.

It’s nice to know that UDC is fair about their products.

Now what are you going to do with the old handle? Is it beyond repair?

They are awesome hands down

Probably weldable if you know what you are doing, but it’s aluminum and I’m no welder. Also may be a waste of time, since the area that it’s in is a high stress area.

So, it’s going into the scrap pile.:stuck_out_tongue:

Of course this is the real world so you have to draw the line somewhere.
But when it’s clear that it’s a faulty product…