UDC Inventory

When Does UDC get new inventory for their US store?

Possibly directly contacting UDC (USA) would get you a front line answer for this question.

I was coveting one of their 26" nimbus munis back in late July. They were out of stock and had been for some time. I got antsy and called. They told me they wouldn’t be getting any until November. Not wanting to waste some premium fall weather I ended up going the used route.

Shoot them an e-mail or call. They’ll let you know.

Follow unicycledotcom on Twitter. UDC always tweets new inventory. Spring container arrived 5/17/2011. Fall container is due sometime in November.

What are you waiting on?

I was looking to get a 26" muni for getting around campus. (my 20" torker is a bit to small for my 1.5 mile commute lol) I got antsy and ordered a hybrid though. I hope i wont be disappointed.

I wanted a 26" nimbus muni too, but when I asked and they said restock was coming in november I couldn’t wait either. So I decided to get the 29" nomad instead.