UDC hub Prep (getting that cheap paint off the tapers!)


first let me say this hub is a great improvment over almost any of the taper hubs being made at this time…bolts instead of nuts to hold the cranks on, the flanges are wider, geat price… etc. etc.


the paint on these hubs is garbage, they once came in “chrome” which was really good quality chrome too.

no longer is that option available, only black. :frowning:

anyway the crappy black paint needs to come off the tapers so the cranks press fit on the taper correctly and so you dont get paint imbeding in the crank tapers.

the process is really easy since the paint is so cheap,…

HURRAH! a wire brush is all you will need.

here is a pic taken before…see that nice shiny black paint on the tapers? (not good, we dont want that there.)


start attacking it with a wire brush…

dont worry that a hardend steel axle, the metal brush wont even scratch it.

attack it with a wire brush!

dont worry, thats a hardend steel hub. the brush wont even scratch it.


now, you will notice the taper is now a dull brown…that what it sould look like after all that crappy paint is removed.

Now wasnt that easy?, i knew you could do it.