UDC has new colors!

Nimbus ISIS Trials in Purple!
Nimbus ISIS 24" in Burnt Orange
Nimbus 36" and ISIS 36" now in Frosted Night

Now with Nimbus Venture cranks.

I think the 36ers look awesome

Yeah, nimbus 36ers are getting better. They just need to redo the whole frame and T7 deal.

I didn’t know that it was possible to choose an uglier color for the Nightrider than purple, but, lo and behold, they have done it.

I dont really like the 36er color, as I said in another thread, I like flashy colors:)
I cant see the difference between the Burnt orange and the other Normal orange, both looks the same for me.

Like Matte orange… kinda shiney.

I thought matte wasn’t shiny.

Soft Gloss?

Look. I really dont care… I just like the color.

I like the black. It’s their best color yet in my mind. I hate the frame and the T7 though. I broke my T7 twice before I switched to the KH T-Bar.

Black is nice. I like my red nimbus though.

I have the burnt orange MUni. It’s a really good powdercoat that has more of a metallic look than a glossy look.

Yep, I have the orange 24. Orange rules!!

How can you not like the black 36? Black always looks good. Especially when compared to the past two colors!

It’s just to much black, it looks cooler with some bright color. I liked the other colors before this one, like the blue, the purple and the red ones.

Black is 500% better than the “Oxblood” or whatever they called it.

If you want flashier: perhaps you should paint it yourself. Don’t saddle all of us with a heinous color because a few people want it.

I also have the cranberry red N36 and I really like the color. I don’t see why people don’t like red.

Not to sure about the orange and purple, but the all black looks great.