UDC has Crazy Prices Today Only!!!


http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=1300 :astonished:

once you try to buy it a big bunny pops up and says APRIL FOOLS!!
not really, but it would be funny i’m tempted to buy a 29er just to re sell it NIB, but there’s one problem… i would have a lot of trouble seeing and not riding it.


Just ordered the KH29. I was told that there were two left. After mine that leaves one.



The Ti Hub!!!


That’s tempting, except I want a street uni…

i wish

i wish i has some cash today,i get paid tommorow,300 for 29kh what a deal

of course those cranks are on sale… who would buy them anyway?

but the Ti hubb… oh man… is it worth it to not pay my rent?

I just bought the last 29er! I can’t wait to ride it! :slight_smile:

That freestyle uni is very tempting!!

Kris Holm Titanium Hub

***April Fools Day Sale! Was $460, now $300!!
Built for aggressive trials, street and mountain unicycling while remaining lightweight at 1 pound with the bolts and spacers! Note: This hub utilizes 42mm bearings, and is compatible with 42mm frame/bearing housings only.

Product Cost $300.00
Shipping Cost $9.07
Total $309.07

Yeah baby, $309 for a Ti hub, damn I just love UDC :slight_smile:

All I need now is a KH 26 frame and I gotta pick a rim, but I’m building this one, should be fun, it’s been like fifteen years since I last spoked up a wheel :roll_eyes:

I’d say definitely not. If you have plenty of money then go for it, but if you don’t have excess funds I wouldn’t say saving a few grams at the center of your wheel is nearly worth it.

are you gonna lace it up to one of the new kh 26" rims? that’d be sweet! i guess you could use a lighter trials rim if you’re really trying to keep the weight down :slight_smile:
i guess i’d love to see one laced up, and i’m sure you’ll come up w/ another sweet build.

I caved in and bought the freestyle uni, putting me up to 7 unicycles. It was just such a sweet deal…

I got the 20" and the 24" to use at our Juggling & Unicycling club for training purposes. Really great deal.

yeah, if i only had more money right now…

btw, is it just me, or did 14g spokes just get waaay more expensive on udc???

Yeah, I’m pretty sure they did. I saw the prices a couple hours ago and thought to myself, “Wow, that seems pretty expensive!”

Rhinolite, DB spokes, red nipples
Echo SL crank 160mm, red
Odyssey Nylon pedals, red
KH 26 frame, stripped
Salsa single bolt clamp, red
KH adjustable post, stripped
Carbon seat base, KH cover, KH foam

The only thing I’m still working on is the tire. I want to stay in the 750-800 gm range or less, but want a 2.5, so it’s pretty tough to find, looking at the WTB’s, maybe Conti. Josh at UDC likes the square cut tires to ride better on crowned surfaces, but with the narrower rim I wonder if any wife tire wil flatten out much. I may end up getting a wider rim, but with the Rhino I save at least 200g over the new KH rim.