UDC Gel Saddle Seat Post

I got my gel saddle today. It is now called the nimbus gel saddle and has “Nimbus” on the back. My Torker Lx seat post won’t fit that saddle. Do you know which one off of UDC would fit on the saddle and through the frame of my LX?



that should work. compatible with all seats, and if you get a 25.4 mm one it will fit your torker.

wrong, it wont fit without moding the seat base.

you need a seat post off a torker DX…its differant than the lx…looks just like the kh post but its 25.4.

udc might have it but you have to call them since its not on there site.

Another option is to get a standard 25.4mm seatpost to fit your UDC Gel saddle.

The plate on the George Barnes seatpost is too wide for a saddle with a KH style seatbase.

If UDC don’t have a Torker DX seatpost the united seatpost will fit, select 25.4mm diameter.


There were two versions of the GB4 universal seatpost made. The first batch were wide like in the photo at UDC. The second batch were less wide. The first batch won’t fit a KH seat due due to interference problems on the seat base. The second batch should fit a KH seat (you’d have to ask UDC to find out for sure). It’s a situation where you have to call UDC to find out which version of the GB4 seatpost they have in stock.