UDC Frames Speculation

Given the new UDC Oregon model, does anyone think that UDC may adopt a thinner version of this type of steel frame (similar to the old Hunter) for its 24" and 26" muni models that accept a 3" tire? On the surface, this design seems to offer some strength and stiffness advantages over the current Nimbus muni frame. It also looks better IMHO. I also like the fact that the Oregon model has a name other than Nimbus. Given the Harry Potter linkage with the Nimbus name, I think naming each type of UDC uni would be good from a marketing standpoint.

The Nimbus MUni frame is almost certainly lighter and stiffer than this design. The Nimbus 36" frame, which is similarly designed, is the flexiest frame known to man.

Not sure about weight. Stiffness to be determined. Last night when I was doing “flex tests” I didn’t notice much torsionally weakness or lateral weakness, but I did get some flex through the seat post as I pulled hard on the grab handle. This may have been due to having a flexy saddle; I’m using a carbon fiber seat without an external stiffener.

Side to side flex of the wheel was less than on my Surly, which could be partly wheel build, though with a 80mm wide flange spacing and some dishing, I’m thinking my Surly wheel build is stiffer.

I think the thing that will limit UDC from changing all of their frames is that the existing frames already work fine for their intended use, so why fix what ain’t broke. The Oregon is a new uni that was designed to run a monster tire.

A related question thats been bugging me about this new “Oregon” unicycle: Other than the green color maybe relating to the University of Oregon Ducks Green color, just what is it about Oregon that inspired this name???

I just never really saw Oregon as a hotbed of unicycle activity or UDC marketshare. Ok, maybe we have a few freaky juggling shops that sometimes sell unicycles, The Unicycle Bastards are here in Portland, but other than that, I just don’t see a big connection . . .so why not the “New Hampshire” or the “Montana”??? I personally think that a name like “The Fat Bastard” would have sold way more Surly Large Marge based unicycles for UDC. . . .

Anyone have any real or imagined answers to this naming question??


Perhaps they are just waiting for someone from Oregon to speak up so they can sponsor that person and supply him or her with a free Oregon Unicycle. Then they would have an iron-clad Oregon connection for their new unicycle model.



Green, white, and yellow would be Duck colors (U of O)

The stickers on the frame legs say Oregon and have a compass drawing.

I called my Conundrum “Larry” and my KH 29 “Ralph”, just cuz they run those tires.

When I “hand weighed” the Conundrum and Orego side by side, the Conundrum is slightly heavier, could be the Moments, the LM DH rim or the 3" DH tube, but it was obvious.

I’ll ride them both tonight and see which I like better.

with me :slight_smile:

Ha! Interesting theory. I did graduate from U of O, so let it be known that my hand is up waiting for a free Oregon.

Tho, I think its more likely a typo on the part of the Asian decal company . . they wanted it to say “Organic” or “Oracle” or “Orgasmic” and they got Oregon instead and just went with it. . . .


back to frame speculation,

It would be nice to see a longer seat-tube on the Oregon. Not a long-neck, just not the stupid-short seat-tube that came from the 36" model. I like swapping around wheels and cranks and that means needing more seatpost adjustment.

Ha Haa… We are from Oregon, that’s why. If I remember correctly, we started running the Larry on our conundrum unis as soon as we could get our creepy, clammy hands on them :slight_smile:
You actually ran it before me…

Maybe someone at UDC is a ducks fan.

My mental image of Oregon is a big forest and then Portland. It seems like an ideal muni location. I think the name only makes sense to people who don’t live in Oregon.

There are actually TONS of trails out here. They just need to be explored by muni riders who have more time to ride than Bryce and I :slight_smile:

I have a bad rib right now and can barely breathe… As soon as it heals, I’ll be riding a lot, my schedule is opening up in the middle of June. If anyone wants to come out and ride, let me know :slight_smile:

Hell, you can even bring your UDC Oregon, it should be able to keep up with my surly :slight_smile:

There was talk last fall of having the 2011 MUni Weekend in Bend, Oregon. That’s as good a reason as any. Right now I’m waiting to hear back from Dan Harshburger to see if he’s still interested…

Oregon is my fav state, only lived there for a couple years, but visited often from No CA. We’re looking at Bend for our next move in three years.

I’d fly out to for a muni fest in Bend :0

And of course bring my Oregon :wink: