UDC Emblem Removal

In effort to save weight on my heavy-a$$ Muni, I’ve trimmed the seat post and t-bar of excess tubing. Looking at other things that can go, I notice that big round metal unicycle.com emblem on the front of the frame. How the heck do I get that thing off my uni? It probably doesn’t weigh much, but still its too much. I tried running thread and dental floss behind it but only managed to break both.

Any tips?

try a hair dryer. Heat it up. The adhesive and foam should soften.

fishing string

flat bladed screw driver?


a hammer?

I took my buddies off with a screw driver… just pried it right off then there was a little bit of foam that we were just able to scratch off with our finger nails in like 30 seconds. Its not that complex…