UDC Cycle Computer?

I was just wondering if anyone has the “Knog 9 function N.E.R.D computer” on their unicycles? is it any good? I was thinking about getting it for my 36er.

Thanks. :smiley:

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A cheap one is okay, but you want to make sure of two things: 1. the wheel size can be manually input as a value, and it goes large enough for a coker, 2. the wire is thick.

I’ve used some with thin wires and the wires always wears away. I really like the Cateye Strada:

But, the wires eventually break.

I’m now using the Enduro 8:

The controls aren’t as good, but it has all the basic functions and the thick wire has yet to brake.

(I have at least 2 or 3 dead cycle computers at this point).

There are also wireless alternatives you can investigate that would eliminate the worry of wires breaking. Also, some computers won’t take a size as large a 36er, but people have instead used half the diameter and put two magnets on the spokes.

I’ve gone to a wristwatch-form gps-based system, which is imperfect but works with whatever I’m riding (or even when I’m running or hiking). Plus it’s easy to upload the data and track my training (or lack of training, as is the case these days :o).

Agreed, don’t spend a lot but also don’t buy the cheapest. Cycle computers have been around so long even the basic ones have all the functions you need. Distance, AVg speed, Max speed, etc.

Here is one with a thicker wire, has everything you could want.


* New design with larger numbers displays current/average/maximum speeds, programmable odometer, trip distance, trip distance 2, elapsed time and clock
* Pace arrow lets you know if you're riding above or below your average speed
* Automatic start/stop/power-save modes save you time
* Dual wheel size settings allow you to use two different bikes
* Heavy-duty wire is perfect for off-road riding
* New speed sensor mounting will work with almost any size or shape fork
* Universal handlebar mount will work with any size diameter bar

Some of those features makes it seem like a good choice for Uni