UDC Carbon Fibre Seat Base Durability

I’m considering buying a carbon fibre seatbase sometime soon since the seat I’m riding now is really heavy because it’s reinforced with steel. I’ve also heard that seatposts last longer with carbon fibre bases.

What I’m wondering is how long I can expect the base to last if I buy one. Have any of you broken one? If so, how did you break it? I’ll only be using it for flatland and small street, but I do like to do a lot of crankflips.

Thanks a lot,

Dont waste your time with an UDC base, they are thin and strip out easy. I had one and it was just a pain in the arse the entire time. The best cf base out there is the Axel base. You can contact Axel Kastle on the forums or via facebook. The bases come pre-drilled so the only thing you have to do is put on the handle and bumper. Be sure to have old style of bumpers because those are the only ones that fit the cf bases.

Axel bases are superior quality but I’ve had my UDC Carbon fiber base for 4 years now and it’s still going strong.

Pre-drilled Ö?
I will get one :roll_eyes: how much does it costs?

Same price as the bases from UDC :smiley:

Why the fuck did I then buy a UDC? :frowning: The worst thing is that I drilled my holes crooked :frowning: So my handle is pointing like 10° or even more to the left xD

EDIT: Btw. Tim I like your smileys :stuck_out_tongue: Ö

lol :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah I also bought one from UDC 2-3 years ago but I didn’t drill the holes good enough so now the bolt are just turning around and I already tried to fix them with superglue but nothing works :frowning: so thats kinda shit

There’s nothing more rigid and stronger than Axel’s.
So I’m still as happy as when I got my 1st one, and so recommend his’

Nothing wrong with the UDC bases aslong as you build them correctly lulz.

but not having to drill is a plus