UDC Canada Count down Sale

Buy it now at an already great price, or wait to see if the price drops even further? This is the dilemma with our Countdown Sale!

We only have a limited amount of products available and the price will drop each weekday until they are completely sold out… Don’t let someone else grab your deal!

Starting off the sale we have 2 different Kris Holm Unicycles up for grabs. There all ready $100 off the regular price and still droping. After these unicycles sell there will be some other product for grabs, maybe big or small.

I would also like to encourage people to enter the UniVision Contest.
The Best of UniVision
Each month we will be looking at all the new videos and photos added to the site and seeing who rated the highest. The video contest winner will win a prize pack. We also will be looking for Video and photo of the year and a much larger prize pack will be awarded.

Monthly winners:

» Uni Magazine issue
» UDC Canada Gift Certificate

Year end winners:

» Kris Holm Leg armor and Gloves
» Kris Holm DVD pack
» Uni Magazine 6 Pack
» UDC Canada Gift Certificate

Amazazing, Thanks Pete for all.

I’ll sign up for sure.

EDIT: For a second thought, I dont really want to pay…

Hey I have to appoligize that Univision is a bit confussing this part. The paid membership is only for access to the tutorials and Trail guide. Which we are working extensively on. Free members have access to many other parts of the site.

To access the community site - video up load, individual blogs, photo gallery and such is free - just click the video or community buttons on the site.

The contest is all free to participate in any way.


more stuff on Sale

Well the 29"KH uni sold and things continue to drop…

We have added a Nimbus T shirt and a KH freeride saddle to the pot. We offer only one of each item so don’t expect something good to be up for long.

Still climbing down is the 24" KH muni - could be nice.

UDC canada

$495 for a 2009 KH24!

I can’t believe no one’s bought this yet! :astonished: