UDC Beginner 29"

how is this unicycle in general?

im looking for a cheapish road unicycle for 145mile 4day event in the uk. of corse i will be changing saddle cranks and peddles. but over all the strength and durability of the wheel and frame is what am concerned about?

i will be having everything i need for the 4 days on my back aswell when i ride. so it will have to be durable enough for that.

thanks for any reply



That’s going to be a tough 4 days. Is a 36" out of the question?

i dont do much road riding anyway so i dont warrent paying £250 for one and not to use it much. if i could borrow one for that then yes. but with the use i will have the 29" is good value, if it will be durable enough

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Hi stotty
I own this one, but it’s the only 29 I’ve ever ridden so I can’t make comparisons with other models. Plus I’ve never gone longer than 6 miles, so I certainly can’t say anything about its suitability for a 145-mile ride.

I upgraded cranks for speed, seat, pedals, and added a handlebar. I’ve probably logged 100 road/track miles over 3 months, but no uni, hopping, or drops; I should add that I weigh 150 lbs and never ride with a heavy backpack.

So it’s been perfectly fine for my very modest uses – no problems at all.

None of this sounds too useful, but good luck on your ride!