Udc Bc?

Worth it or not? Will it break easily? Plates OK? ect.

It looks like the Nimbus BC wheel with an other tyre…
I have the nimbus bc and it works fine for me.
I don’t know if your going to do some trial or street with it.
The plates will bend easely i think.


Whats trial?

It has GB plates, which I believe are steel and are just as strong as aluminum ones twice as thick. But please don’t take this as fact, merely speculation.

You have it on your user title, you should know! :stuck_out_tongue: I know you know…I never found the UDC BC (whoa, a long abbreviation, could be longer, though…) it always said

No, he has trials in his title. Note the ‘s’.

The last “bike trials!” doesn’t have an S (therefore it’s “bike trial!” :thinking: )

“Bike trials bike trials bike trial!”

Though the S may not have fit into the user title…

actually the last one has no s.
yes I plan to do some Street and trials. I don’t think the plates will hold, would it be worth it to buy that and then get bedford plates when they bend?

Really, you couldn’t possibly depend on my advice for a BC wheel for my life…but, if you have the money…

But there is no such thing as bc trials. There is no “Street” either. There are 2 current riders, Bryan and jeff. There are no set styles yet.

you mbc
bryan park bcs
jeff jumps over stuff while bcing
spencer does coold stall things

Point proven. There are no types of riding other than off road or on.

I think you will know mean…
I mean trail


I think hes implying you plate grab bricks of ice.

I guess so…

whatever. I will be trying to jump over stair sets and do tricks over them and grind, which I belive is very close to the uni definition of street. just because no one does it yet, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. I really don’t know how trials and street would be much different on a BC, but the original question is, will the mentioned BC hold up to this? if the wheel assembly is okay, then I will get the Bedford plates when the other ones bend.

Sounds like you have it all planed out. Good luck with that.

How does one get to be a current rider? I occasionally use one in shows, and I’ve had mine for 20 years.

If Evan can get over his PMS, maybe what he’s trying to say is that there aren’t any competition events for BCs, though that would include road vs. offroad as well. We did have a BC race at the 2004 NAUCC in Ohio, which may have been the first one ever.

If you do stuff similar to Trials, why can’t you call it Trials? People were doing it on unicycles before there were unicycle Trials competitions. The same is even more true for Street. Tons of “current” Street riders out there, but so far very few actual competitions have been held.

What im trying to say here John-myster, Is that there are so little people who actually ride the bc as they would any other sport. Such as going out and trying things and coming up with new tricks and moves and actually being into it. For there to be a “street” or “park” there has to be more than one person into it. The more and more people ride, certain tricks will stand out as a standard “Street” or “Trials” moves, Not just “Riding at a skate park”.