UDC back in stock!

Just ordered a new 24" Duro Wildlife. Would like to also get a 26" Hatchet, but for the time being I’ve got to be fiscally responsible. So maybe in a few months if they’re still available.


Got me a Nimbus Oracle 27.5, before they run out again. Woot, my first muni!


Disappointed this thread didn’t have a “back in sock” picture :frowning: :smug:

I got the 27.5" Hatchet, here’s my short review:

I got on my just out of the box 27.5"x3.8" Nimbus Hatchet yesterday morning for half an hour.
How does it compare to my 26"x3.7" unicycle with a steel frame from 2005?
Report: 14.5 pounds is MUCH lighter than my older 21 pound unicycle.
My inseam is 30", I was worried this unicycle would be too tall for me.
Turns out the 27.5" hatchet frame feels shorter than my 26" unicycle, it’s easier to freemount as well.
The 170mm cranks on my 26" feel too long and unwieldy, 170mm cranks on my Hatchet are the perfect length.
This is my first time with a brake, I’m still not used to that.
Also, I’m out of shape and could only go half an hour before my legs gave out.

Bonus content, here’s my old unicycle: Shae Erisson: "Soon I'll be in shape to get back on this." - recurse.social
and here’s my new unicycle: Shae Erisson: "Bought myself a present, just arrived, excited fo…" - recurse.social