UDC arrives!

I got my UDC Max Traction today, even though I was expecting it to
take a week or two longer. Nice surprise! What a gorgeous thing it
is. I ordered mine with a 26" black Halo rim and a 3" Gazz, and the
tyre is huge. Cranks are 170mm.

First impressions of riding it were pretty intimidating. With the 20",
my freemounting hit ratio is at least 75%, with the UDC, after a three
hour session it was perhaps 20%. Riding is wobbly, strangely easier on
uneven terrain like grass or gravel than on pavement. The stock Miyata
seat doesn’t feel that much better than the old DM brick on the 20";
I’ll do the air seat conversion as soon as possible.

That said, I had great fun with it and I’m determined to get
better. My first goal is to reach the same level of confidence in
freemounting and general riding that I have with the 20". Then on to
hopping, idling etc. One thing I found easier was holding on to the
front of the seat while riding. I could even adjust my manhood, a
welcome relief.

Now I need some other kind of relief,


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I know the feeling, when mine came… blummin’ marvellous. I actually find it easier to ride than my 20"; I think it’s just slower, more controllable. I can do stillstands for a lot longer (ie. I can do them at all) than on the 20".

/me likes my Max Traction…

Phil, just me

Re: UDC arrives!

On Thu, 25 Jul 2002 23:11:14 +0300, Janne Himanka
<janne.himanka@spam.com.invalid> wrote:

>I got my UDC Max Traction today

It seems that the UDC Max Traction is the number 1 selling MUni right
now. Comments on that observation anyone? But I may be biased: mine is
“on its way” (to arrive end of August).

Klaas Bil

Re: UDC arrives!

Originally posted by Janne Himanka
[B] My first goal is to reach the same level of confidence in
freemounting and general riding that I have with the 20".

I don’t know what technique you use, but with this one, I moved quickly from around 75% on tarmac to virtually 100% on all surfaces except uphills, where it is a bit more hit and miss:

Pedals at the quarter to three position, with the crank for your weaker foot nearer to you.

Place weaker foot on nearer pedal.

Hold front of seat with opposite hand.

Don’t put full weight on the seat. Just position the seat ‘appropriately’

Push the uni forwards with a short sharp shove. It only needs to move 6 inches. This means that the pedal supporting your weaker foot starts to rise.

Transfer enough weight to the pedal to stop it rising, and the wheel will stop, but you should sort of pole-vault forwards. This is in fact a very small movement and not that dramatic.

If the pedal is still moving slightly, the forward pedal will be rising to meet your stronger foot. However, as it is rising almost vertically, it is very easy to intercept.

Your stronger foot will land on the pedal, and for a moment you will be half sitting, half standing with the pedals int he quarter to three position, giving you maximal control, and a good start for riding forwards or idling as necessary/preferred.

Lower wedding tackle onto the seat.

Ride off.

It’s difficult to describe, but easy to do. Much easier than a ‘six o’ clock’ static mount, or a roll back mount. I suppose it’s like a less dramatic version of the running mount. Either way, it works better with bigger wheels because things happen more slowly.

So: pedals at quarter to three. (Pistols at dawn? :wink: ) Use the shove to move the nearer pedal up; use a slight weight transfer to stop it; vault into the saddle in one smooth movement; lower yourself ontot he saddle when both feet are in position.

Good luck.

Hmmm… must try that. Until now I’ve been doing rollback mounts; the only times I’ve tried a different mount I was using my strongest-foot pedal back rather than the weakest. Must go and try…

Phil, just me

Re: UDC arrives!

Thanks Mikefule,

I’ll try that approach. With the 20" I used the quarter to three
mount, and as the unicycle was so short, I just stepped onto it,
placing minimal or no pressure on the rear pedal. This didn’t work at
all with the 26". I have long legs, so in addition to the wheel being
bigger, the seat is also quite high. So yesterday I tried a rollback
version of my previous style. For some reason I’ve got used to having
my strong foot on the rear pedal. I didn’t find the bigger wheel
slower… in fact I’ve rarely seen such remarkable speed in a unicycle
shooting away from me. In the rollback version, the nearer the pedals
were to being horizontal in the beginning, the more difficult the
mount was to control. On the other hand, if they were less horizontal,
the mount was easier to control but I couldn’t always apply enough
power to get going, as the pedals were in an inefficient position. I
can see your variation could help here, adding control to the critical
first phase.


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Let’s see some pics with somebody next to or riding a 26x3. It sounds quite large. I think I’d get that before a 24x3 (a trialser I am not)

Lately I have been asking myself the same thing with my next uni. Go for the 24x3? or the 26x3… decisions decisions decisoins… some pix of the big one might be nice side by side with it’s mini me