UDC announces a geared hub of thier own!


This could be a game changer. Looks like it’ll be based on the NuVinci, no date for release, but if they’re announcing it, then maybe we could see something this year!

I followed the link and didn’t see anything… Have I been duped by April first too?

Here’s a pic. It’s hard to see because it’s made of transparent aluminum:


It’s really hard to see, try looking again :stuck_out_tongue:

Ninety views in ninety minutes, think it’ll hit five hundred?

I wish, but… you didn’t fool me either. :frowning:

…Or am I fooling you about that?

Yeah, it’d be quite the thing, and likely doable, but someone would have to invest the time and money. I wonder if Schumpf would consider it, make it patentable by altering the direction of use.

Happy April 1st !!

I can’t believe I fell for this. Nice play.

DOH! :roll_eyes: (again)