UDC Affiliate Program?


Any advice on whether to hit up my LBS to join the UDC Affiliate program? What’s in it for them? What’s in it for me? What’s in it for UDC? I guess I’m wondering: will I be able to buy locally for the same price as UDC, but without the shipping cost (I’ll have to pay sales tax, which probably makes the overalll cost issue a wash)? Will the Drummonds of UDC (I’m in the US) still get their share of the pie? I like to support both the local economy AND the people who provide access to the goodies it takes to outfit a muni-er.

Thanks for any stories you can share.

you sould be able to get stuff without shipping, but the shop may be asked to stock more than just your “special” order…its worth a shot. if there is more than just one unicyclist in your town esspecialy.

UDC affilliate program ? please explain

Are you thinking about trying to get your LBS to become a unicycle.com retailer??? It probably would make the goods cost less so it’s worth a try.
But It depends if it will be financially beneficial to your LBS though…

Ask UDC themselves & they’ll be able to give correct, definitive information.

Turning your LBS into a Unicycle.com reseller does good for more than you. It opens up a “source” (and choices) for unicycles, parts, and information to everyone who shops there. It helps spread the word. And it brings the LBS more business from unicyclists, who might otherwise not walk through their doors as much. I don’t think there’s any downside, as you can always order direct from UDC if you need to. By getting your LBS on board, you’re helping spread unicycling to your local area!