UDC 37" Deep V Rim


Anybody running one of these?

There was a thread way back (last year) where Roger mentioned that they have 37" versions of their Penny Farthing Deep V’s on hand and can be run with the same solid Green Tyre that the Penny’s use.

Wondering if anyone has used one and had any input.

I know it will ride differently than a standard tire, that’s obvious. My main concern would actually be dealing with mounting the tire as I’ve never dealt with glued/stitched tires.


On my quest for a ‘skinny’ road 36er, I asked Roger about this, and supposedly they fit just fine in a normal 36er frame. I’d be REALLY interested to hear anyone else’s thoughts too, because this sounds like an awesome roadie setup! I wonder how heavy the setup is?

So no tyre with air Inside to absorb bumps !
Are you really serious ?

Why not? : ) If you’re purely road it wouldn’t be a big deal with such a large wheel. The semcycle 43" seemed to work well enough for some people. : ) I would have to try it first. You could always run a freeride saddle, or if you’re tall enough, a thudbuster seatpost with a qu-ax air saddle.

Calling johnfoss …

I’m moving forward with the build. I plan on using a free ride to help with road noise.

I was just curious if anyone has actually used one of these specific 37 inchers and whether or not they’re more manageable than the big 43 inchers.


I’m definitely interested in hearing how it turns out : ) I’ve been hoping for a 1.5" tire for a while, but this could work quite well for my purposes. I bet it would be really fun with a geared setup!

I’m going to keep it 100mm so that if I have another lapse of judgment and do want to gear it, I can.

We’ll see what happens.

Ordered. We’ll see how this shakes out.

Definitely watching progress on this.

What I am really interested in is the final wheel weight, if it comes in lighter than a regular 36er, it may be really useful for road commuting. There simply are not enough skinny unicycles around to be appreciated properly.

Looks like it’s shipped. Got pics today. This thing looks amazing…

Hello? Large hard tire vs. 36" pneumatic tire? No contest. I know the Semcycle 43" wheels provide a nicer ride than my old 45" with wheelchair rubber, but it’s a small difference; not a big one. I hope Killian loves his new big wheel. People have done unicycle centuries on hard tires, but not since the Cokers came out, that I know of…

I’m fully aware that this wheel will be harsh riding, however, I’m primarily trying it out to see if there’s a noticeable speed and weight difference.

Plus it’s a bit unique.

Unicycling is about breaking stereotypes. Maybe everyone’s got it wrong and solid tired big wheels are really the shit.

Okay so today I finally put in about 10 miles on this.

Observations I had:

It doesn’t ride all that differently from a regular 36er. It’s faster, but I have a hard time attributing that to the wheel and not the 102 mm cranks.

The tire is susceptible to road camber and while getting used to that I was quite active in the saddle trying to adjust. After a few miles I was able to settle in.

UDC did a great job it the build, I worked with Nick in the UK and have nothing but good things to say about that experience.

I’m a bit skeptical of the spliced tire, there are three seams and I had one start to open already after a tight turn. I superglued it though and it seems fine. Will need to keep an eye on it. There’s also one splice that I can feel during the wheel rotation, I’m going to sand it smooth.

I originally had a new T bar on it but was a bit disappointed with what I got. It was out of alignment when I got it and needed to be bent straight. Then on the ride today when pulling up to stop after a sprint, the bar loosened and moved up about 8 inches. This is dangerous and I know for a fact the bolts were tight.

So the bar came off, and the uni was actually a bit easier to control without it. So off it will stay.

All in all I’m happy with it.


that looks really great : ) hopefully it holds up for you. rolling 102s… to scare (or just straight pass) all the g36ers ; )

Beautiful! But the day they finally come out with a pneumatic 36er tire and rim that skinny, I’ll be jumping for joy!

Honestly Terry, the tire does have some spring to it, and it’s nice being impervious to flats. The only issues would be the seams and weight.

Still, a 38 or 42c pneumatic tire would be pretty cool.

Juggle, I almost went with 114s but at the last minute changed my mind. Definitely wouldn’t go shorter.

I’ve hopped a bit on the wheel and it seems okay so far.

saw the picture of that on facebook and wondered if it was for you.

That must have been hell to ship…

Actually got it in three days, no damage, and shipped for like 90 bucks…

Dhl rules.