UDC 36" Coker - Australia

Guys i have my coker for sale on ebay, never use it anymore so its got to go. Its cheap :slight_smile: . see link

I might try to get it

My friend is interested.
But the thing that’s stopping him is the PICK UP only.
Can you tell me why you cant post it?
He’s got some friends in Brisbane that may be able to pick it up…? please contact me or add my friend…


or me…


NOOOOOO I want it soooooo bad but mum won’t let me! NNNNNNNOOOOOOO!!!

It is too large to post.
One would have to go to alot of effort to post this item.

Is there a certain time that you wish the unicycle to be picked up after the end of the auction?

Not really its been hanging in the garage for 6 months with out a single ride so another couple of weeks wont hurt.

Woot I won! Who ever bidder four was, was ticking me off lol.

is it still up for grabs?