UDC 29" or a Nimbus 29" ??

Hey all. After sharing the Unicycle obsession with you folk since trying it out over past two months, am now keen to upgrade from cheap eBay 24" to a 29". The UDC 29" is approx half the price of the Nimbus 29". Am thinking further down track may also be keen to go down the 36" so whilst wanting a quality experience, also seeking to conserve $$ without buying something dodgy. .
Not into jumps or off road and its been difficult to locate forum threads on UDC 29". Any “recent” experience or knowledge with UDC 29" appreciated ? I understand there is a quality difference just wanting to mitigate risk of buying something bordering on dodgy that may come back and bite. Any crank and seat upgrade options pointers also appreciated. ? Jimmy…

Im assuming by UDC 29 you mean this: http://www.unicycle.com/unicycles/road-26-28-29-inch/trainer-29-inch-unicycle.html

and by nimbus 29 you mean this: http://www.unicycle.com/unicycles/road-26-28-29-inch/nimbus-29-inch-road-unicycle.html

The UDC 29 is a perfectly acceptable unicycle as long as you dont plan on doing anything with it other than smooth riding. Obvious upgrades would be saddle, seatpost clamp and cranks (apparently steel cranks bend easily). Note that the uni is cotterless which now severely limits crank choice (although australia has better choices than most). Single quick release clamps are a bit on the weak side and a doublebolt clamp is worth its weight in gold for ride quality. Saddle upgrading is a matter of personal preference.

The Nimbus 29 is a gift that keeps on giving. Pretty much every part is superior to the UDC29. Several people here (myself included) ride these for both road and muni (the difference between the 2 N29s is just tyre/crank choice). Apart from possibly a saddle upgrade you would not need to change a thing. If you suddenly do take up XC/muni, the uni can be adjusted quickly. The tyre is also more suited to learning to use a 29 as the N29 uses a 2.0" ‘fat’ tyre which will work well at lower pressures and absorb poor surfaces. A 700c tyre is ‘twitchy’ and demands more attention to handle.

Dont jump too quickly onto the 36er bandwagon, they are amazing beasts but quite often mine stays at home while i commute/muni on my 29

I realize the nimbus is much more, but you get a lot better unicycle. As stated in the previous post. I have the nimbus 29 blue and I love it. With the 150 cranks I can ride some pretty good hills ( up and down ) with no brakes. I swap to the 170’s if I’m doing lite off-road. If you ride on flats you could go with a smaller crank 137 or 125 but you’ll be pushing up hills.

For what you describe either will do fine. The Trainer would even be fine for light MUni/XC.

I agree with Dave that the Nimbus is better all around, but both look decent. The cranks on the trainer are the weak point, but they can be replaced. It’s actually pretty easy to find replacements, and if your creative there are many options. Personally I would swap them for shorter ones. 150’s are really long on a 29’er. Maybe the cranks on your current uni will work. I like 140’s for general purpose riding, and 120’s for road. Currently I’m running 100’s on my 29er, and it makes it fell a lot like a 36. I should add that my 29er has the same UDC CrMo hub as the trainer. It’s a great hub.

One more thing about the cranks. Cheap steel cranks do bend, but you have to be hopping or dropping to do it. If you learn to land lightly you can get more out of them. Unlike aluminum cranks they can be straightened. I don’t know how many shops have crank straightening tools anymore, but an old shop should.

If the clamp slips a two bolt should fix it. If it doesn’t, the QR clamp is nice when you are trying to dial in the saddle height. Dave is right that the QR clamp isn’t as secure. That said, it can be good enough.

Saddle choice is up to the rider. It may be fine. When you find a saddle that you like you’ll be able to use it on future uni’s as well.

The UDC 29 is known as Trainer 29 over here, so that might improve your search results. I have one of these. It is a fine uni for the usage that you describe, which is similar to my own. I don’t have a Nimbus, so I cannot compare. The saddle is fine, but basic. A bit hard, perhaps. The cranks presented no problems, though, after riding on the 150s for awhile, I have replaced them with 127s. The pedals are definitely a candidate for upgrading, but they do perform well for what they are. I do not regret having bought it.

I did notice that UDC Australia is currently out of stock.

Thanx … Kinda as expected …

Hey all appreciate your input and guidance. Kinda what I expected, being nudged toward Nimbus yet no real disapproval of the Trainer 29 (UDC). Assuming I refrain from eventually going down the 36", them the Nimbus has sex appeal…
Dave… I will investigate whether crank choice for the UDC exists down under and appreciate your situation with your 36" being less popular… Strokin99 your comments noted… JTrops thanks for the pointer re steel vs Aluminium cranks and Idlux, will search under trainer 29 for other threads…
Thanks plenty guys… Jimmy appreciates your passion…

You should buy my used KH 29er listed on this sites trading post!!

Poses more Qs

Actually will be visiting LA mid Feb so not out of Question
But then begs the question at that price point what’s the benefit vs similar price for the Nimbus 29. Sure there are many feel free to elaborate as can bring it back on flight if can be convinced. Jimmy

If you’re thinking that a 36 may be in your future it probably will be. 29 is a great all around size. Big enough for serious miles, small enough to transport easily. The 36 is so much more stable, and faster that it’s just a different thing.

In the end I sold my 36, and stuck with a 29 for a couple of years. I now have a 32 that I think will finally usurp the 29 for most road use. I also have the UDC hub on this one with 140/120 dual hole cranks.

29 inch compared to 24 inch

I have had the trainer 29 inch for 2 weeks. I find it harder to go up a steep hill than my 24 inch. I’m not sure why. They both have 150 cranks.

29 inch trainer

I like it and purchased a KH Street Saddle to put on it, although the seat it c came with was pretty cushioned. I notice that my foot wants to be further out on the peddle on the right side. I’m not sure if it is narrower than my 24 inch. It’s an old avenir 24 inch.

I’ve had the udc 29 trainer for about 3 years and put hundreds of miles on it (500-1000?). It’s perfectly fine for road, XC, and light muni use. I’ve done no big drops but plenty of hopping, with no bent cranks. Fwiw, I weigh 155. I have 3 sizes of cranks that I sub in and out. It doesn’t have magura mounts, so I put on a bmx sidepull brake, which works just fine. Stock seat and pedals were pretty lame, but the uni only cost me $140 new.

I think 29 is the most versatile size (I have 20,24,26,29,36).
I bought this one before my 36, and it was a nice transition to the big wheel.